Type of heroes on DotA

Do you think you are a Pro and imbalance Player?

Let's just check it !!
if you are playing like this post, i think you are a pro and Imbalance Player!!

Using Late Heroes :

1. you  have a good item (Luxury item, like butterfly, radiance, etc) in 20 minutes!!
2. In a freeline you could make the creeps always crossing in one spot in front of your tower! that's how you can be a master for using late heroes!!
3. In a wars, you get into them in a good time (Never late or rash) !
4. your death count was only 3 for max in one game!!

Using Support Heroes :

1. first you always buy an OB/Sentry and courier for supporting another!!
2. In a line with late heroes, you never kill or do LH, just denying your creeps and harass your enemy!!
3. always cover up your ally (Always have a Town Portal on your slot)!!
4. your item in the end of game must be the worst item compared to your friend !(doesn't matter it when the game is too easy)

Using Mobile Heroes :

1. It's like using support heroes, but if you use mobile heroes, you will never hit enemy creeps, and just go arround for gap the enemy!!
2. Always cover up ally late heroes!!
3. most of the time you spend with just standing in a fog and wait until the good time for gap the enemy!!

That's the three kind for Pro Dotaners!! There are still many type of heroes other than that, and i'm still lazy to write about it :D

If you could do all of the thing in this post, i'll give you 2 thumb up and you are a Pro!!!!

How to be Pro DotA Player

Play dotA for a long time and still an average with another person?
That's funny, right?

Check this to become a Pro and Imbalance Player !!!

1. make your team! because dotA isn't an individual, but it's all about a team!!

2. choose your specialization, between late, support, and mobile heroes! just focus on 2 heroes first !!

3. read this to get an article about good individual skill  play dotA!!

4. try to make a good combo hero in your team!!

5. Play with teamwork! Once more i said, dotA is a teamwork not an individual games!

6. Play Clan War with your friend, and you'll be a master !

after you read this, i'll wait you in the list of imbalance dotaners!!