DotA v6.76b update's Reviews

Some of skill's in 6.76b has been replaced with a new one. In Dota v6.76b, Phantom lancer's bug is fixed.  in v6.76, there are a bug with Phantom Lancer first skilll which caused kills to be considered suicides. 
You can download the map at

Here are Dota v6.76b update's reviews :

Hero's update in v6.76b:

Centaur Warchief

Centaur Warchief's ultimate, Great Fortitude, has been replaced with an active ability called Stampede, which removes unit collision and increases movement speed of all allied units on the map and has its damage output provided by running through enemies, temporarily stunning them.

Stamped : 
Duration: 3/4/5
Damage: 100/150/200 + 2x your str
Stun: 1.25 seconds
Stampede Collision AoE: 120

NB : There are casting time when you use Stamped, it wouldn't stun if you move when you use it.

Cooldown: 65
Mancost: 50

Drow Ranger

Drow Ranger's Trueshot Aura and Marksmanship abilities have been refined to center around passive damage.

Trueshot Aura:

Global Aura. Gives you and all allied ranged units a portion of your agility as bonus damage.

Bonus Damage: 14/18/22/26% of your agility as damage

Note: Can be toggled on and off to affect creeps or not

- Changed how Marksmanship bonus agility is granted


Passively provides bonus agility. If there are no nearby enemy heroes, your focus improves and the bonus agility is doubled.

Bonus Agility: 20/30/40 Agility
AOE: 375 (for double bonus)


Phoenix's Sunray and Icarus Dive abilities have been reworked significantly, with the former regaining its controlling abilities, at the expense of slowing units, while the latter no longer heals and deals moderate damage, rather than exponential damage. 

Icarus Dive:

Dives forward in a looping arc, dealing moderate damage over time and slowing enemy units along the path. Dive can be canceled at any point by using Supernova or the sub ability. Casting your other spells does not interrupt it.

Travel Range: 1400
Travel Width: 500
Total Travel Time: 2 seconds

DPS: 10/30/50/70
Slow: 25%
Duration: 4
AOE: 200

Cooldown: 36
Manacost: 0
HP Cost: 15% of current HP


As this hero has undergone major balancing tweaks, including a new version of Last Word, which is now an active ability that places a debuff upon a target and when a spell is cast, said target will be silenced and begin taking damage, even without the target casting a spell.

Last Word:

Targets an enemy unit placing a debuff on it. While the debuff is active, casting any spell casuses the target to become silenced and take damage. If the duration of the debuff runs out without the target casting a spell, it will still take damage and be silenced but also be disarmed.

Debuff Duration: 5

Damage: 150/200/250/300
Silence/Disarm Duration: 3/4/5/6

Cast Range: 900
Cooldown: 36/28/20/12
Manacost: 100

Note: You have basic vision over the last word target while the initial buff is on them

Item's Updated in 6.76b

All of Boot's :

- Move speed bonus decreased 5 from usual

Boots of Speed

- Price decreased from 500 to 450

Armlet of Mordiggian

- Armlet cooldown increased from 1 to 2 seconds

Force Staff

- Recipe reworked, total price decreased from 2400 to 2350

Old Force Staff:

Staff of Wizardry (1000)
Quarterstaff (900)
Recipe (500)
Total: 2400

+10 Intelligence
+10 Damage
+10 Attack Speed
Force (600 units forward, 25 mana, 20 cd, 800 cast range)

New Force Staff:

Staff of Wizardry (1000)
Ring of Regeneration (350)
Recipe (1000)
Total: 2350

+10 Intelligence
+3 Regeneration
Force (600 units forward, 25 mana, 20 cd, 800 cast range)

Null Talisman

- Recipe cost decreased from 155 to 145

Rod of Atos

- Cast range increased from 800 to 1200
- Slow increased from 50 to 60%

Shadow Amulet

- Fade time decreased from 2.75 to 2.6

Game mode's Updated in 6.76b

Tag Team Mode

At the start of the game, players are assigned two different heroes of unique classes and are given an ability with a three-minute cooldown that swaps out the heroes. While the heroes gain inventories and abilities individually, the gold and experience gained is shared and synchronized between them, removing a plausible disadvantage for switching out with one particular hero. 

Dota Gamers: Dota 6.75b New Hero Review : Auroth-Winter Wyvern

Auroth-Winter Wyvern

Heroes Preview :

Hero Type : Intelligence
Movement Speed = 285
Attack Range = 425
Damage : 38-45
Attack Animation : 0.25/0.8
Casting Animation :0.3/0.51

Skill Preview  :

Arctic Burn

Imbues you with a deathly chill, causing you to gain bonus attack range and flying movement for 6 seconds. Your attacks place an arctic burn on enemies that slows them and burns a portion of their health away.

Note : Arctic Burn deals 6% of the target's current hp as damage. Direct HP removal.

Splinter Blast

Fires a passive shard of ice at an enemy unit. Upon impact, it gains new life and splits off into active shards that deal heavy damage and slow to all other enemy units. Initial target is unaffected.

Note : It takes arround 1,5 seconds to arrive at the destination

Cold Embrace

Reduces an allied hero's body temperature by encasing him in ice, sending him into a deep sleep and regenerating a percentage of max HP for 4 seconds, in addition to blocking all physical damage for its duration.

Note : Useful for covering. The regen is up to 20 + 6% of max HP / sec

Winter's Curse

Winter Wyvern strikes the battlefield with a maddening chill, cursing a targeted enemy unit and freezing it in place. All of the target's nearby allied units will go into an uncontrollable frenzy, attacking the frozen ally for a short duration.

Note : You get credits for kills done this way. Deadly enough if you combo this hero with DarkSheer's vacuum

DotA 6.75b Review

I read many of prediction of DotA 6.75 that Roshan will change place. But todays, DotA 6.75b has released and the Roshan place is still there. Take a look at this picture :

Dota Roshan 6.75b

Phoenix New Skill :
Phoenix Dive has changed into something like "windrunner". It giving phoenix max speed(522). 

Two New Hero :
Read here New Hero Review

ChangeLog :
* Fixed a fatal error when using wc3 patch 1.24b or 1.24e
* Magnetic Field gives half the AS bonus for non-hero units
* Tempest Double cooldown from 55 to 65/60/55
* Fixed a new bug in 6.75 that allowed refresher to bypass necronomicon restrictions
* Magnetic Field aoe reduced from 375 to 325
* Icarus Dive heal from 0.5/1.5/2.5/3.5% over 6 seconds to 0.75/2.25/3.75/5.25% over 4 seconds (same total heal, just faster)
* Fixed Radiance working on Sticky Napalm
* Fixed Naix getting stuck in Arc Warden's double
* Fixed some items like Dagger and Heart malfunctioning on your main hero if the Tempest Double gets attacked
* Roshan no longer has mana nor requires mana for his spells
* Fixed Splinter Blast slowing magic immune units
* Fixed a crash when using Icarus Dive with Refresher Orb
* Fixed Rubick stealing Shadow Amulet
* Fixed default missing icon on Ancestral Spirit unit
* Fixed various tooltips

Dota 6.75b New Hero Review Part 1

Zet-Arc Warden
Zet-Arc Warden

Heroes Preview :
Hero Type : Agility
Movement Speed = 295
Attack Range = 625

Skill Preview  :
1. Flux - Engulfs an Enemy unit with Swirling volatile energy for 6 seconds, slowing it's movement speed by 50 % and dealing 60 DPS if it is alone. The effect is muted if there is a nearby unit within 225 AoE.  Useful enough when ganking.

2. Magnetic Field - Distorts space. generating a circular field that grants 100% evasion and 80 bonus attack speed to allied unit and building within. The AoE is 325, last 5 second. Useful when on War. The evasion and bonus attack speed make your allies become rampage !

3.Spark Wraith - Summon a Spark wraith that take 3 seconds to fully materialize. Haunts the targeted area until an enemy comes within its range and then damaging enemy. This skill is very useful, its range is very long, maybe arround 3000.

4. Double Tempest - By vibrating at extreme speeds. Tempest is able to create a perfect electrical incarnation of himself for 20 second.

Print Screen Zet-Arc Warden
This is when i use Ultimate Skill, it is similar to meepo, you can use skill with your shadow

Hero Build :
The Hero type is agility , The second skill is give us 80 bonus attack speed, it is very useful. So i prefer to make yasha and something like agility does buy(Mirana's Build more similar with this hero)

Dota LoD Game Mode

DotA LoD 6.74c Loading

This is the game command on Dota LoD 6.74c[v5e] :

AP : All pick.  Can pick All heroes
SD : Single Draft. Can pick 3 heroes
AR : All random. Get Random heroes
MD : Mirror Draft. Can pick the same heroes 

D2 (20)/D3 (30)/D4(40)/D5(50) : Draft Mode with adjusted amount of heroes( ex : d2, you will got 20 option of heroes)

S6 : Six skills.. Mode with each player got 6 skills in the game
S5 : Five skills.. Mode with each player got 5 skills in the gameUL : Unlimited Level...
SS : See skills.. Can see enemy skill's choice..
AB : Anti Backdoor.. Can't do backdoor

FN : Fast Neutral....Neutral creep will spawn faster
OS : One Skill.. Skill can't be picked twice in one team
BO : Balance Off... player's skill does not have the same
RA : Random Ability...The skill will Random
NP : No Power Up.. There is no rune on river

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