Dota LoD Game Mode

DotA LoD 6.74c Loading

This is the game command on Dota LoD 6.74c[v5e] :

AP : All pick.  Can pick All heroes
SD : Single Draft. Can pick 3 heroes
AR : All random. Get Random heroes
MD : Mirror Draft. Can pick the same heroes 

D2 (20)/D3 (30)/D4(40)/D5(50) : Draft Mode with adjusted amount of heroes( ex : d2, you will got 20 option of heroes)

S6 : Six skills.. Mode with each player got 6 skills in the game
S5 : Five skills.. Mode with each player got 5 skills in the gameUL : Unlimited Level...
SS : See skills.. Can see enemy skill's choice..
AB : Anti Backdoor.. Can't do backdoor

FN : Fast Neutral....Neutral creep will spawn faster
OS : One Skill.. Skill can't be picked twice in one team
BO : Balance Off... player's skill does not have the same
RA : Random Ability...The skill will Random
NP : No Power Up.. There is no rune on river

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