DotA v6.78b Map Download

Hello Dota Gamers ! I just want to playing DotA now, and then i realised it. DotA v6.78b has been released! As predicted from the massive bugs in DotA v6.78 because of the massive change, DotA v6.78b has been released quickly. Thanks to IceFrog, DotA v6.78b has been released today ! Enjoy the Map !

Here are the changelog :

DotA 6.78b Changelog

DotA v6.78b Changelog :


- Fixed a bug that allowed some players to control two heroes
- Fixed being unable to easily tell when Tombstone was Decrepified
- Fixed False Promise interaction with Shallow Grave
- Fixed Quelling Blade doing damage to allied wards
- Fixed the passive regen missing on Spirit Bear's Armlet
- Fixed Empty Bottle courier slow lasting a couple extra seconds after it is filled
- Fixed Buyback cooldown display not always being accurate
- Fixed Rupture hurting couriers
- Fixed some issues with targeting near units with Stone Caller
- Fixed Flak Cannon vs Gem

DotA Map v6.78 Download

Hello Dota Gamers ! Today an Official DotA Map v6.78 has been released. 2 new heroes on this map ! The name is Kaolin the Earth Spirit and Nerif the Oracle. Can't wait to try it XD.
Massive changes also happens ! Check the changelogs below!

DotA v6.78 Changelog

Dota v6.78 Changelog :


- Added Kaolin, the Earth Spirit
- Added Nerif, the Oracle

Arc Warden
- Magnetic Field AoE decreased from 325 to 275
- Tempest Double unit is now visible to the enemy players as the fake