Warkey DotA 6.8 EN for Windows 8

As i mention before, Warkey is a software for DotA that use for changing the item button(that usually in the numpad) to whatever button that you like. Usually people change it into space, tab, or CapsLock. As you know, the old version of warkey (Warkey v6.6) isn't compatible with Windows 8.

But don't worry ! Here i'll introduce you the newest of warkey version which is compatible with Windows 8 : Warkey 6.8 EN.

DotA 6.77c LoD v1c Map Download

DotA v6.77c LoD Map has been released. Currently, this map is only compatible with AP, AR SD and MD mode. However, you can enter additional modes for more restrictions/balance.

You can check out the complete LoD DotA mode here :

LoD DotA Mode

You can download Dota v6.77c LoD v1c here :