DotA 6.77c LoD v1c Map Download

DotA v6.77c LoD Map has been released. Currently, this map is only compatible with AP, AR SD and MD mode. However, you can enter additional modes for more restrictions/balance.

You can check out the complete LoD DotA mode here :

LoD DotA Mode

You can download Dota v6.77c LoD v1c here :

DotA 6.77c LoD v1c Map Download

Changelogs :

  • Fixed Marksmanship, Tidebringer, Moment of Courage, Psi Blades, Hunter in the Night, Jinada, Atrophy Aura, Necromastery, Dragon Tail, Brilliance Aura
  • Fixed Dragon Tail not working correctly with morphs (deactivated being able to get range version of Dragon Tail for now)
  • Fixed game breaking bug with players not finishing picks before the time runs out
  • Fixed -repick allowing to pick wrong heroes (like having a range-only spell and being able to pick a melee hero)
  • Fixed low vision on Buyback
  • Fixed castpoints for Morphling and Phoenix
  • Fixed castpoints in hero descriptions for Batrider, Morphling, Ursa, Phoenix, Naga Siren & Troll Warlord
  • Fixed Arcane Bolt & Sanity's Eclipse not dealing the extra INT damage when multicasted
  • Removed bugfix "* Fixed transformation skills reducing the movespeed of faster heros while morphed" as it was causing bugs, might return later
Resource : (sleepxalone-playdota)

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