Dota 6.81d Download and Changelogs

Once again, icefrogs was pushed to making a new map. Bugs was occured on dota 6.78c. Here are the new maps so you can enjoying the game with the less bugs.

Dota 6.81d changelogs

-fixed a couple of more bugs

Dota 6.81d download link

-Dota 6.81d download

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DotA 6.81 - DotA 6.81b Changelogs Released

Hello DotA Gamers. DotA 6.81 Map will be released soon ! We know that DotA 2 is the first priority for IceFrog nowadays, so D2 had a faster update. Right now, Dota 2 already had their map up to 6.81b.  As you know, Dota Warcraft update will have the same changelogs as Dota 2. Here are the complete changelogs for D2(Dota 2) 6.81 and 6.81b maps.

DotA 6.80 - DotA 6.80c Changelogs

DotA 6.80c Changelogs :

-Fixed a gold exploit that was possible with Wards 

DotA 6.80b  Changelogs :

- Fixed some bugs with Wards
- Fixed Netherstrike retaining vision if the enemy has Linken's Sphere

DotA 6.80 Changelogs  :


You now lose one gold per second if you haven't picked a hero after the selection timer runs out in All Pick
All Pick selection time increased from 60 to 75
All Pick pre-creep time reduced from 90 to 75

Roshan no longer stops upgrading his hp/damage/armor at 45 minutes
Roshan upgrade rate increased by 20%
Roshan bounty rescaled from 105-600 to 150-400

DotA 6.80c Official Map Download

In within one day, IceFrog push out 3 updated map. Thanks to icefrog for his fast works to fixed the bugs. Based on my research, there were many bugs in DotA 6.80 and even in DotA 6.80b another bugs occured. Different from what we expect from the hidden quests on DotA 6.79. No new heroes in this maps, just another balancing updates. So here are the download link and the complete changelogs of DotA 6.80c :

DotA 6.80c Changelogs :

Dota 6.80c Maps Download:

  • DotA 6.80c Maps Download (Playdota)

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DotA 6.79e Official Maps Download

After a few days of DotA 6.79d map published, Icefrog once again should had fix a new bugs. I have been tested the bugs. The bugs was Arc Warden's Linken sphere's and the infinite tangoes. Arc Warden / Eredar linken Sphere's will dropped from Arc Warden's shadows(Ultimate skill). For the infinite tangoes, you need a courier to do the bugs. put the tangoes to courier after you use the tangoes, then change the courier model. The tangoes will refilled. Thanks to icefrog, he already fixed the bugs on 6.79e Official Map.

DotA 6.79e Changelogs :
  • Fixed a bugs that been mentioned above.
Dota 6.79e Maps Download L :
  • DotA 6.79e Maps Download
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DotA 6.79d Official Map Download and Complete Changelogs

DotA 6.79d fixed some minor bugs that have been occured on the version before. I have never found this bugs on my game so i couldn't explain it.  Rubicks and Skeleton King are the heroes that got fixed on this new map. You can read the complete changelogs below :

DotA 6.79d Changelogs

  • Fixed a bug that caused significant performance loss when Skeleton King was in the game
  • Fixed a bug with Rubick stealing Shadow Dance

DotA 6.79d Download Link :
  • DotA 6.79d Map Download
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