DotA 6.79e Official Maps Download

After a few days of DotA 6.79d map published, Icefrog once again should had fix a new bugs. I have been tested the bugs. The bugs was Arc Warden's Linken sphere's and the infinite tangoes. Arc Warden / Eredar linken Sphere's will dropped from Arc Warden's shadows(Ultimate skill). For the infinite tangoes, you need a courier to do the bugs. put the tangoes to courier after you use the tangoes, then change the courier model. The tangoes will refilled. Thanks to icefrog, he already fixed the bugs on 6.79e Official Map.

DotA 6.79e Changelogs :
  • Fixed a bugs that been mentioned above.
Dota 6.79e Maps Download L :
  • DotA 6.79e Maps Download
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