Traxex - The Drow Ranger Guide Build

Traxex-The Drow Ranger
Background History : 

Traxex was a skilled archer in her oppressive underground homeland, the Underdark, until she grew sick of her kin's evil ways and fled to the surface world. As a part of her resolution, she joined the Sentinel, bringing her excellent marksmanship to the fray. Some of her abilities include stripping magical beings of their voices, and enchanting her arrows with an icy cold. While such powers are valuable, her true origin will never cease to linger around in the judging eyes of others.

Roles :
1. Carry/semi-carry(Primary)
2. Ganker

NB :  search on dota dictionary if you doesn't know what is ganker/carry

Capabilities : 

  • Have a great damage due to ultimate skill 
  • Easy to use(Most of traxex's skill is passive)

Weakness :

  • HP is too low
  • Usually targeted by enemy's Nuker.


1. Frost Arrow : Induces a freezing effect to the hero's attacks. Each attack slows the enemy's movement and attack rates.

NB: Orb effect doesn't stuck. Right click to auto cast.

2.Silence  : Stops all enemies in a target area from casting spells.

NB : AoE 300, mana cost 90, Casting Range 900

3.Trueshot aura : Global Aura. Gives you and all allied ranged units a portion of your agility as bonus damage.(Passive Skill)

NB: After 6.75 changelogs, this skill become Global Aura. More efficient.

4. Marksmanship : Passively provides bonus agility. If there are no nearby enemy heroes, your focus improves and the bonus agility is doubled. (Passive Skill)

NB: Add 20/30/40 Agi


Level 1: Trueshot Aura
Level 2: Frost Arrow
Level 3: Trueshot Aura
Level 4: Silence
Level 5: Trueshot Aura
Level 6: Marksmanship
Level 7: Trueshot Aura
Level 8: Frost Arrow
Level 9: Frost Arrow
Level 10: Frost Arrow
Level 11: Marksmanship
Level 12: Silence
Level 13: Silence
Level 14: Silence
Level 15: Stats
Level 16: Marksmanship
Level 17: Stats
Level 18: Stats
Level 19: Stats
Level 20+: Stats

NB: For damage seeker, People take Stats on early, then they take frost arrow in level 12,13, 17, and 18.

Early Item

-Ancient Tree Tango
-Slipper of Agility 2x
-Healing Salve

Core Item

-Power Thread

Alternative Item

-Wraith Band
-Helm of Dominator
-Phase boot's

NB : You can buy Ghost Staff if it necessary.

Luxury Item

-Manta Style
-The Butterfly
-Monkey King Bar
-Buriza da Kyanon


  • Pick Traxex if your team need Carry / you are pros in farming.
  • Don't pick Traxex if your enemy have to many Gankers or Nuker / your team have to many agi hero.


Traxex is flexible, you can go anywhere. Choose wisely, usually, i'll go solo or go with support type hero(At least, they have stun).

Early game's Strategy

Traxex is Carry hero which will dangerous on late game. So just keep farming safely. Carry heroes's way to success is just two : Die < 3 and Farming until die XD

Mid game's Strategy

In mid game, traxex usually still like chubby. it still cute and doesn't often killed enemy. Don't be so sad if your just got a few kill. Still focus on farming. Just Lothar / yasha doesn't give you much advantage to evolve into Beast !  farming until you got at least 2 Luxury Item.

War game's Strategy and Ganking's Strategy

When on war or ganking, Traxex is easy to use. We just need to seek enemy with a lowest HP, silence him and if possible silence him with another, then hit him until die. That will become some of looping until your life in danger. The tips is just one. Try to stay on the fog in the war. This helping you to get less damage from nukers and to ease your escape.

Late game's Strategy

Heroes always show up in last. It's carry's responsibility to drive his team to victory. In equally strong late game, The death of carry can rotate all of the road game. Don't be so proud of yourself and do committed suicide by come to the tiger's nest alone. XD

Mogul Khan- Axe Guide(Reccomended for Newbie)

Background History : 
Axe-Mogul Khan.
In the war of Humans and Orcs that occured long ago many Orcish warriors were corrupted by demonic influence and became tools of blackest darkness. One such warrior was the leader of the Half-Tribe of the Bloodied Axe Clan; Mogul Kahn. Mogul was slain by human Paladins but mysteriously was seen fighting alongside the Scourge around the time Mannoroth started to command the Orcs in the war against Archimonde. The Axe has been revived by demons and uses his reflexes and powerful blows to hunt down and seek out the Sentinels' agile warriors and cut them down to size, even projecting his lust for war onto them.

Roles :
1. Tanker(Primary)
2. Initiator
3. Killer(On Early Game)

NB :  search on dota dictionary if you doesn't know what is tanker(use CTRL+F for search)

Capabilities : 

  • Best Tanker heroes on DotA(before is Centaur, but in 6.76c, i think Axe is the best tanker now)
  • Easy to use(Usually dota player using this heroes in his/him first time)
  • Instant killer due to the ultimate skills.
  • Can make good entrance on war.

Weakness :

  • In mid game or late game, Axe is useless
  • Doesn't have stun skill's, its rarely for STR heroes.
  • His movement speed is to low.


1. Berseker Call :Mogul Kahn focuses all of his enemies' hatred on him, causing them to attack him at all costs.
NB: Spell Immunity and invisible enemy is affected.

2.Battlehunger  : Afflicts a target with a terrible killing hunger. The target will take damage per second until it kills a unit.
NB: DPS and can make slow too. Enemy can stopped the effect of this skill after killing creep or tower.

3.Counter Helix.Mogul Kahn counters some blows made to him dealing damage to all nearby enemy units.(Passive Skill)

NB: This skill have 17% chance after enemy's hero or creeps hitted on you to activated. Very usefull on early game. You can block enemy creeps with your body.

4. Culling Blade(shortkey = C). Purges the weak from Mogul Kahn's sight. Deals moderate damage, but will kill a target that is low on life.
NB: You can do Instant kill for enemy which have HP under 300,450,600. Aganim is stuck on this skill. Casting range = 150.


1 - Counter Helix
2 - Berserker's Call
3 - Counter Helix
4 - Berserker's Call
5 - Counter Helix
6 - Culling Blade
7 - Counter Helix
8 - Berserker's Call
9 - Berserker's Call
10 - Battle Hunger
11 – Culling Blade
12- 14 - Battle Hunger
15 - Stats
16 - Culling Blade
16-25 - Stats

NB: For intermediate or pros player, usually we doesn't take battlehunger to much on early. we rather to take on stats. (We take Battlehunger if all enemies on our lane is melee heroes)

Early Item
  • Ancient Tree Tango
  • Stout's Shield 2x

Core Item
-Boot of Speed

Another Important Item

-Kellen of Dagger
-Phase boot's
-Blade Mail

NB : You can buy Ghost Staff if it necessary.

Luxury Item

-Khadgar Pipe
-Assault Cuiras
-Heart of Tarasque
-Aghanim's Sceptre


-Pick Axe if you are newbie on dota or  your team need tanker.
-Don't pick axe if your team need carry or you are pros on dota.

Never do solo lane. bottom or up lane is best for axe. You can block enemies creep on middle of first tower and second tower's enemy. But do this is your enemy isn't INT. Best use if your enemy is melee(except raigor or another hero which have many active skill). This is why axe can't become carry.

Early game's Strategy

In early game, if you do like the above, you will be rich. Buy the core items. And after that, you must see on the condition, if you think you can saving your gold until buy Daggers, than do that. If not, you can buy Phase Boot's first.

Mid game's Strategy
I think your "Counter Helix" doesn't give you much advantage now. Blade Mail is the best choice for Mid game.

War game's Strategy

Dagger, Berseker Call, click on Blade Mail, wait 3-5 second and hear "Triple Kill" on your audio XD. You are tanker, so your job is initiator.

Raigor Stonehoof - The Earthshaker Guide

Background History : 

In the barren-lands, tales spoke of tauren sages reaping the essence of dirt. Their consciousness melds with the brown beneath them. The loam becomes the conduit of their mental thought and reality. These warriors were feared for they could summon massive ruptures at their mere whim. So tremendous was their power that their magic leaks out of the earth violently with every spell. Sadly these sages mysteriously faded from the land. When the World Tree was threatened, couriers searched these mighty ones but found just one. A young adept, Raigor Stonehoof, seeks battle to weave new tales of these shamans.

Roles :
1. Initiator(Primary)
2. Ganker
3. Support

NB :  search on dota dictionary if you doesn't know what is initiator or ganker(use CTRL+F for search)

Capabilities : 

  • Almost all skills are Stun ability because of aftershock
  • Pretty much item independent after purchase of Blink Dagger
  • Best Initiator on DotA
  • Good for support.

Weakness :

  • Mana problems early game but can be fixed through items like Mana boot's or soul ring
  • It squishy like a fruit. Just touch it and raigor is die.
  • The skill's delay is too long. He must pulling up those huge weapon before use skill, so it's normal XD.
  • INT and AGI is very horrible.
  • Raigor usually die after making a good entrance on war.

Ah, i think nobody want to read the detail of the skill's. So i just pass on it and just give a little explanation on here XD

Fissure-Raigor(ES) welovedotas.blogspot.com1. Fissure (shortkey = F) : For stunning, it slams the ground with the Raigor's mighty totem, causing the ground to crack open front of him, damaging opponents and leaving an impassable crevasse for a period of time.
NB: Fissure can't be block by linken, range is impressive enough for stunning(Casting range1200). Can make a block in a line.

Enchant Totem-Raigor welovedotas.blogspot.com2.Enchant Totem  (shortkey = E): Empowers the totem resting on Raigor's back, causing it to deal extra damage on the next attack.
NB: Very impressive skill's on DotA LoD if you got jinada too XD


3.Aftershock.The power of Raigor casting a spell causes the earth to shake below him, dealing additional damage and stunning. AoE 300

NB: This skill make raigor is raigor XD. not stuck with another item's spell like dagon, shiva, or else. Can't be block by linken.

Echo Slam-Raigor(ES) welovedotas.blogspot.com4. Echo Slam(shortkey = C). Raigor sends shockwaves shooting through the ground, dealing damage ricocheting to nearby targets for additional damage.AoE 500
NB: This skill make raigor got another well known name. That is Best Initiator XD.


1. Fissure
2. Aftershock
3. Fissure
4. Enchant Totem
5. Fissure
6. Echo Slam
7. Fissure
8. Aftershock
9. Aftershock
10. Aftershock
11. Echo Slam
12. Stats
14. Stats
15. Stats
16. Echo Slam
17. Stats
18. Stats
19. Stats
20. Stats
21. Stats
22. Stats
23. Enchant Totem
23. Enchant Totem
25. Enchant Totem

NB: Enchant totem can be take in exchange of stats due to situation and condition XD

Early Item

  • Ancient Tree Tango
  • Circlet of Nobility
  • Clarity potion
  • Iroonwood Branch
  • Ward or Courier(If your friend has bought it,buy sobi mask)

Core Item
-Soul Ring
-Arcane Boots
-Kellen of Daggers


Pick raigor if your team need initiator, need stunner, your enemy have to much agi or int.
Don't pick raigor if your enemy is picking Lucifer or clockwerk. Your team doesn't have hitter.

Never do solo lane, your money come from your fissure, believe me. So buy soul ring and arcane boots as fast as you can. If you want to do first blood, do threesome on bottom lane with your ally(scourge, for sentinel the opposite) XD.

Mid game's Strategy

In mid game, do ganking often. This thing make two advantages for your ally. If the enemy die, you got exp and money, if you failed to do it, your enemy at least will go back to his mommy on their fountain. Dagger on here is very important item. so just buy it as fast as you can XD.

War's Strategy

No need to think again, just do dagger echo fissure and go die already XD
NB : the best time for using echo is when the enemies is gathering arround with the creeps. remember, ENEMIES(more than one XD)

Late game's Strategy?

You must be pro if you use Raigor until late game's XD. Why? It because your enemy is pro, so i don't think you are newbie if you can hold it until late game's XD.

Dota's Best Save Replay

On Youtube, there are many people who upload his replay's. Many of them have a good quality, but some of them, is the opposite. It will make us hard to choose which are good or bad. I feel that too. But, it become history after i know WoDotA. The truth, i have known Wodota for maybe 2 years ago. Yes, of course, who doesn't know WoDotA nowadays XD. But, after i got asked from my friend, i knew that, there are still many people that blind to choosing good dota replays. That's make me think, why i doesn't promote it in here?

Okay, now i give u the fact why WodotA is best for me.

1. They edited it, so we can see the unbelievable move in slow motion, good map, etc.
2. The player is from all arround the world, like Brazil, Philippines, China, etc.
3. They cutted it. They just show us a moment of game which is very impressive.
4. If the impressive movement is because of FoW, The specific of the fog can be seen here.(If you doesn't know what is fow, just check on dota dictionary and use ctrl+F to search)
5. And the best is, they always updated ! Todays, they make up to Vol. 110

So, what you wait? just go on youtube and write Wodota on there ! you will see a best replay's there !

Phoenix dota 6.76c

Hello, it's been so long i didn't make a new post here. I play much of the game after DotA 6.76c Map revealed. In 6.76c, Icarus-Phoenix is much imbalance than before. I try to make a combo with my friend who use Centa. The combo is very simple. Centa just go arround to enemy and i healed him with Phoenix's Sunray. When enemy got me, i just using Phoenix Dive, then do sunray's again until my health is red. After that, i use Supernova. That's look easy like? From what i see, This trick is depend on your good timing. So just playing more game on it. You must good on observed the gameplay.

So why Phoenix is good enough? There are many changelog on 6.76c, take a look here :

-Fire Spirits duration increased from 12.5 to 16
- Fire Spirits can now be cast while using Sunray
- Fixed Supernova not working with Radiance aura (other auras work already)
- Supernova level 3 hit requirement increased from 9 to 10- Sunray now also heals allies in the AoE for half of the amount

- Sunray is no longer channeling and you can control like before with its direction as well as the use of the drift sub ability
- Sunray now also heals allies in the AoE for half of the amount
- Sunray no longer slows
- Sunray HP cost is now 3% per second instead of a one time 10% cost on cast
- Sunray base damage reduced from 20/30/40/50 to 16/24/32/40 (has same percentage components as before)
- Max channel time mechanic is the same (6 seconds and damage/heal increase per second channeled)

Icarus Dive:
Dives forward in a looping arc, dealing moderate damage over time and slowing enemy units along the path. Dive can be canceled at any point by using Supernova or the sub ability. Casting your other spells does not interrupt it.

Travel Range: 1400
Travel Width: 500
Total Travel Time: 2 seconds

DPS: 10/30/50/70
Slow: 25%
Duration: 4
AOE: 200

Cooldown: 36
Manacost: 0
HP Cost: 15% of current HP

Take a look on sunray's changelog. When you got a combo with Centa, Centa will got fountain's HP regeneration. Just imagining it, what you will do when your enemy's HP never go down??