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Armor Type

Here are some types of armor and a large reduction of the type of attack

Light Med Heavy Fort Norm Hero Unarmoured
Chaos = 1.00 1.00 1.00 0.40 1.00 1.00 1.00
Normal = 1.00 1.50 1.25 0.70 1.00 0.75 1.00
Pierce = 2.00 0.75 1.00 0.35 1.00 0.50 1.50
Siege = 1.00 0.50 1.25 1.50 1.00 0.63 1.30
Hero = 1.00 1.00 1.00 0.50 1.00 1.00 1.00
Spells = 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 0.75 1.00

Armor Value

How to calculate the damage reduction from Armor is as follows.
first done in accordance with the reduction in armor type table, then use this formula to calculate Damage (armor * 00:06) / (1 +0.06 * armor)
The addition of negative damage to armor are: Damage * (2 - 0.94 ^ (-armor))

Arrow Ability

Ability Arrow is a hero that can skill2 Auto-Cast (right-click), when activated will change the effect hero attacks and dealing damage / download slow enemies.

When the auto-cast skill is considered a Normal attack and still stop when in silence.

Some skills Ability Arrow is:

Drow Ranger - Frost Arrow: slow effect
Bone Fletcher - Searing Arrow: additional damage to the unit and building
Sacred Warrior - Burning Spear: continuous fire damage
Silencer - Glaive of Wisdom: The bonus damage according Intellegence silencer
NetherDrake - Poison Attack: Slow and damage over time
Enchantress - impetus: Damage bonus depending upon the opponent
Obsidian Destroyer - Arcane Orb: damage depending on where the rest of

Attack Animation

Attack Animation Animation is a hero to attack, for example, raised his crystal maiden and directing all targets, new effects out the attack, and returned to its original pose

Attack Range

Attack Range is the range in which the hero can perform an attack, there are two types of attack range is Melee and Ranged

Melee: This attack requires the hero approached the target before attacking
Ranged: This type of attack can attack from a distance ranging from 140 (lanaya) to 770 (kardel), had a chance to miss 25% while firing up

Attack Speed ​​(AS) and IAS

Attack speed is the number of attacks that can be performed per second hero, the other name is an acronym IAS Increased Attack Speed, More and more attack speed the greater the damage will be done per second.


- Unlike Cooldown Attack, Attack speed is calculated in N% where N is the amount of IAS
- Every agility adds 1% Attack Speed, there is also a direct attack speed gives spt. Glove of haste, Hyperstone, and Oblivion Staff
- Bonus Attack Speed ​​stack linearly
- Attack speed is a maximum of 400% (4) while the minimum was -80% (-0.8)

How to Calculate

Attack Speed ​​per-second units can be calculated by the formula (1 + IAS) / (BAT), where BAT is Base Attack Time, for almost any hero BAT magnitude 1.7 with a few exceptions

* Alchemist at level 1 Chemical Rage - 1:45 seconds
* Alchemist Chemical Rage level 2 - 1:35 seconds
* Alchemist at level 3 Chemical Rage - 1.20 seconds
* Anti-Mage - 1:45 seconds
* Lone Druid True Form - 1.6 seconds
* Lycanthrope Wolf Form - 1.4 seconds
* Sacred Warrior - 1.6 seconds
* Soul Keeper - 1.5 seconds
* Soul Keeper Metamorphosis - 1.6 seconds
* Troll Warlord Melee Form - 1:55 seconds
* Vengeful Spirit - 1.77 seconds (


Is 3 Stat / Attribute basic hero
Strength: 1 STR gives 19 HP and HP Regen 00:03
Agility: 1 AGI gives 1/7 Armor and 1% Attack Speed
Intellegence: 1 INT gives 13 mana and Mana Regen 12:04

Primary Attribute Damage Every hero adds 1 stat is added


Is the area of ​​passive buff that gives effect to the unit, Hero, Creep, on the specific AoE. there is Aura and Aura Positive Negative


Autocast is the use of skills / spells that do not need to be used manually. can be activated by right-clicking a spell, a spell that can autocast usually marked with a "golden border", when clicked it will be right on the mark with light berputar2 mark that skill they will be in the cast by a computer. Autocast some types are as follows.

Attack Modifiers: Spell that will change when the effects of the attacks on autocast
Negative Buffers: Spell that leave negative buffs on enemies when attacked diautocast
Positive Buffers: Spell that will put positive buff friends, positive buff will be posted when we would strike / attack and the target unit come do it too
Self-Affecting Buffers: This spell will be used on special occasions, for example: Phase-Shift works when puck will hit, Morph on Morphling will work continuously to be disabled
Summon: Will be used can be used directly as


Why Auto Engage the enemy means allowing the unit to select a target without pressing the attack to the target page.


Avatar is a skill that gives effect to magic-immune temporarily
Skill / Item effect into units avatar / immune

Magic Immune / Spell Immune

Magic immunity is a state where a hero is immune to magic, and can not be targeted by some skill, aura still give effect to magic-immune units.

Magic-immune effects

Some skills can meremove magic-immune, like purge of Diffusal blade. but there are exceptions in the magic-immune namely that magic immune units can still be targeted with the ultimate skill.

For example:
Rupture: Units with BKB when in rupture then the effect will still be there but no damage

Stone Gaze (medusa): The unit will remain in contact with BKB effects and also effects slownya

Omnislash: Unit subject to damage Omnislash (Omnislash Physical damage type) and therefore anti tehdp Because Avatar is only magic damage the unit remains exposed to the effects of omni

Freezing Field: Unit is not affected by Frost Nova Damage type of magical damage. And also not affected by slow because who in the cast is not of Rylai but the computer (dummy unit)

Laguna Blade / Finger: The unit can still be targeted, and no visual effect but not exposed to lightning damage

Overgrowth: Unit remains affected by BKB entangling Roots and do not move. but the damage is not affected

Ampilfy Damage: Effects Faerie Fire remains the target of BKB

Maybe if guns selesai2 satu2 described later mudah2an quite helpful


Backdoor or BD

Tactic is to attack the building, barrack, or an enemy tower without creep, many people think BD is not fair, and sometimes banned in some tournaments or leagues.
Some are suitable for BD Hero is: Clinkz, Naga Siren, Terrorblade


Bash is a passive effect that gives chance to perform stun and get bonus damage.

Ranged Bash: Physical damage
Melee Bash: Magical damage
Illusion Bash: When illusion did bash the target will be hit by fake bash where the stun animation still there but no damage, but if the unit were exposed to get a real fake bash bash bash it real fake bash will extend the time and did not give any damage. and if the unit is exposed to fake bash after bash it real fake real bash bash will extend and no damage is.

Stacking Bash: how to calculate the bash is 1 - ((1 - A) * (1 - B) * (1 - C))


Is a skill to move from one place to another quickly nearby, also on the blink Furion skill casting time by 3 seconds


- Blink has a minimum and maximum distance, when under the minimum will be no error message, if outside the maximum then you will only blink to 4/5 the distance from the point you click.
- Blink effect on the target that we are headed, by pressing S then the animation will still be there but we did not move (Furion)
- Blink can be used to avoid some of the targeted missiles (hellfire storm / magic missile)



Carry is a term used to refer to in dota hero dangerous prolonged game2, Carry Heroes can fight a full team with the right items, at the early game they just need to farm, carry hero hero type of support needed to accelerate the process of their items

Casting Animation

As the attack animation, while menggunakanspell hero will do the animation several stages before finally moving the original again

Casting Range

Hero is the distance required to use a spell to targets

Casting Time

Is the time it takes a hero to use a skill before the skill page. benar2 give effect, if the stun hero in the process of casting the spell will fail, which is not reduced, and no skill cooldown


Is a procedure in which the hero must remain in a position to do spellnya channeling, because it is very fragile hero with interupting channeling spell, when diiterrupt then channeling will stop

Chaos (damage type)

Chaos damage attacking full damage (100%) to all types of armor, except building (40%)

Cleaving Attack

Cleaving attack is a passive ability that gives damage to units around the primary target


- Cleave damage type is pure, calculated directly from the attacking unit and the main target
- Ranged Hero can not do cleave
- Cleave does not give full effect to the orb effect, Buy EOS will cause the unit in areas exposed to frost cleave (the effect is only subject to the primary target)
- Units can not avoid the AoE cleave cleave effect, if not the main target will be to avoid the cleave.
- Cleave cleaving stack with any item or skill possessed cleaving


Cooldown is the time it takes a unit to be able to use the spell again


Negative is a passive buff that reduces armor targets attacked, Orb Effect of Item Stygian Desolator


Creep is a Computer-Controlled units in Sentinel / Scourge / forest.
Creep can also say as a verb, meaning hunting-creeps
Creep spawn (appear) every 30 seconds, when the barrack destroyed the creep would be stronger, if 6 barracks destroyed it will be Mega Creep

Critical Strike

Critical Strike is a passive skill that gives bonus damage from damage multiplication hero / unit, time critical strike out the red numbers will appear where it is the amount of critical damage.


- Damage to critical Damage Block (Vanguard, kraken, Return, BM, etc.) is damage before getting Critical and before deducting armor targets.
- Critical lifesteal and could Cleave
- Number of red is damage before armor reduction
- Critical Strike of ranged units would be blocked by Linken sphere

Damage of Critical can not stack, but can chancenya formula similar to bash.


Cyclone is a skill which, if in the cast to give effect to the enemy hero will fly into the air, in this position the target can not do anything and invulnerable
Note: Hero in this position can still be at the Meat Hook



Damage is the most important aspect of DotA, damage is the amount of hp that can be reduced by the unit / hero to attack or use a spell to targets
Damage can be added to the percentage or indirectly, if the percentage of the damage taken is the base damage and the bonus of Prim attributes

Damage Over Time or DOT

Damage over time or DOT is damage that occurs over several intervals, usually the affected unit will receive from the DOT's BUFF. (Example: Shadow Strike, Burning Spear, Poison Nova, Viper Strike, Battle Hunger, etc.)

Damage Per Second or DPS

Damage per second or DPS is the damage that can be done per unit second hero (seconds), with D / T = X
D = Damage
T = Time (sec)


Deny creep is killing a friend who has some residual hp (50% or below). Creep Denied would give 66% exp to melee heroes and 33% for ranged heroes. Tower also can deny to avoid the enemies get a lot of gold, tower can deny with 10% HP.
Hero the affected DOT can deny when hpnya 25%


Disable is the effect of skill that makes the hero temporarily unable to attack, cast spells, or move, such as some types Disable Stun, Ensnare, Silence, Shackles, Hex


Dodge is avoidance / ngeblock attack / damage, do not get damage at all from the attack, Dodge made up of some variable that is Evasion, Miss, Terrain Advantage and PsuedoEvasion

Dodge calculation method is as follows.


P = 1 - (1 - E) * (1 - M) * (1 - T1) * (1 - T2)

P = Possibility of Dodge
E = Evasion
Miss M = Possible opponents
T1 = Terrain Advantage (25%)
T2 = psuedo-evasion

Evasion: Evasion is the ability of a hero to avoid an attack. For example, Blur, Mortred, talisman, etc.
Miss: Miss a hero is likely to fail in the attack, to calculate the total miss use 1 - (1 - A) * (1 - B) * (1 - C), sample-Troll Blind
Terrain Advantage: the kind of dodge to 3 which only applies to ranged attack hero to the higher terrain (fixed amount 25%)
Psuedo-evasion: is a skill that mengheal ngeblock damage the target after being hit by Example Backtrack-Darkterror

Double Damage Rune

Adds 100% damage from Base damage and primary attribute bonus of 45 seconds.


Early Game

The time at which the game is still in first, Gold and Level is still small

EHP or Effective Hit Points

EHP or Effective Hit Points are units used to express the amount of damage that can be accepted after the unit is added to all kinds of damage reduction. EHP magnitude depends on the target HP and Armor
which is the formula EHP EHP = HP * (1 + (0.06 * A)
where A is the armor, 1 armor will add 6% of hp to EHP


Ensnare is an active skill that traps a unit to remain in place


- Unit that ensnare can not blink, but if you can (eg Leap), the unit will stop the unit moving
- Ensnare spell will stop being in the channel or cast but most units can still make a cast ensnare or channel in a position ensnare
- Ensnare can target and Magic Immune units fly.


Entangle is an active skill that works to stop the movement of the enemy and make the enemy can not move.

- Entangling Roots produce magical damage, but it could tie Magic Immune units. Units affected could entangle off 'bond' with cast magic immunenya.
- Units affected entangling can still use the spell. Can not do blink, but Blink strike.
- Channeling spell or spell casting will be thwarted when exposed to entangle
- Entangle stop movement and blink if the unit can move with a skill, then the unit will stop place stop skill TSB

Exp or Experience

Exp or experience is an important factor in DotA, Got to make heroes level up and become stronger.

- Exp will be given from the dead unit to Hero's in 1000 AoE where the unit was dead.
- Exp-share and dibagi2 to all hero within 1000 AoE
- With Exp Bloodstone you will get where you are last to die
- Unit normal persuade chen give Exp, Enchant and Dominator will be reduced.
- He did not give Exp
- The building gives 25 Exp, Fountain did not
- Unit that will deny giving 36 / n and 18 Melee hero / n Range hero where n is the number of units around 1000 AoE
- Unit that deny a death pact, dark ritual, conversion does not give exp at all



Farm is killing creep and neutral with the purpose of obtaining gold and level up quickly
Farming techniques are very useful in Last Hit, Where the Hero wait creep up a little blood and attack when the final assault.
Farm is also faster with AOE skill, Cleave, and Radiance


Feedback is a passive skill which reduces enemy damage by and to which they will be reduced.

- Orb Effect
- Feedback from Diffusal blade download the damage by 1 point by which the missing, but Mana burn from Magina and Necronomicon mendamage by 0.6 per what is missing, the type of physical damage.

Fog of War (Fow)

The Fog of War is an analogy for the fog / mist / Dimap dark place that is not covered by the sight range of units friends.


Fountain is the most important buildings in DotA that provides very high regeneration, and attack enemy units that get closer to the fountain

- 50000 HP
- 800 Attack Range
- 190-199 Chaos Damage
- 0 Fortified Armor
- Gives 4% Hp / s and 4% +7 Mana / s regeneration
- 0.15 BAT


Gang, Gangbang, ganking 

Gank is doing and suddenly attacks together, usually carried out at the Early-Mid Game with multiple objectives:
- Slow the enemy carry hero
- Got gold and exp
- Ganking a lone hero to push lane after


In DotA Gold is the currency, used to buy item that useful in the game, the hero takes a lot of gold to carry their items while support hero like Jakiro not really need the item and the high-level players usually buy Ward for support

Starting Gold
-When the game starts each team gets 4265 gold and divide it by the number of players
- Choosing a hero would reduce gold of 250 gold, not-random
- re pick will reduce the 150 gold, and in-ar-tr ato reduce 400 gold

Gaining Gold
- Gold increased 1/0.875
- Kill Creep / Neutral
- Kill the Hero
- First Blood (200 Gold)
- Last hit Building / tower
- When the tower was destroyed 200/240/280/320 team
- Team Killing Roshan will give 200 gold
- Selling Prescription'll get 3/4 of the price
- Using some skill (Eg: Midas, Devour, Track, Goblin's Greed)

Losing Gold
- Unit that kills get 200 + 5 + 50 * Lvl * (Streak - 2) gold
- Gold lost at death = 30 * | Hero level |
- Price to buy a dead hero (buy Back) = 150 + 50 * Lvl


Hit Points & HP Regen (HP)

Hp is a numerical representation of the ability to live a unit, HP Regen is the ability to heal HP per unit of time, each unit has a base HP Regen 0:25 and added 0.03 per STR

Haste Rune

Adding MS (movement speed) hero at 100% for 25 s


DotA is the main unit that has the main purpose to destroy the main building Enemies (TWT / TFT), Hero had 3 Basic Skills and 1 Ultimate (except Invoker) and +2 att skill, hero gets Exp by killing opponents, and got the gold with last hitting unit


Hex is an active skill that can turn a unit into another form

Units are in hex:

* The number of armor does not change, HP, Mana, Regen remains the same, and the miraculous passive skills still active
* Can not attack or use a spell
* Can not use the item.
* Can not disable / enable skills such as Rot (Pudge) and armlet of Mordiggian.
* Movement Speed ​​reduced to 100.
* Skill Damage reduction as Kraken Shell and Vanguard disabled.
* Thwarting Channeling spell
* Aura remains active
* Buff still work.

# Passive Skill which is stopped by Hex

* Evasion (except Pseudo-Evasion).
* Rikimaru permanent Invisibilty.
* Broodmother's invisibility on the web.

# Skill is not affected when exposed to Hex:

* Axe's Counter Helix.
* Tiny Creggy exterior.
* Centaur Warchief's Return, Blademails, etc.

# Interesting facts about Hex:

* For mode-mi (Mini Heroes). Once exposed to hex and back to normal, it is a measure of the size hero 'Normal' her until she died.
* Morphling can replicate jamming unit in hex.
* If Nerubian weaver in hex when Shukuchi active, he still gets Maximum MS.
* Hex Why Mana shield off the medusa. He had to turn it on again after the normal.
* Hero a different color when in hex including Bane -> Purple, Nevermore -> Black, Viper -> Green, Lich -> Blue,
* If Pudge rot when exposed to Hex active, he will lose HP per second but no effect to surrounding enemies. Something similar happened to ulti LeshracT.
* Units Fly affected Hex will still fly (in the form of Hex / chicken)
* Hex meremove Aphotic Shield will not only eliminate the animation.
* If Voljin exposed hex Heal when his aura is on, where it will be deducted per second but did not produce regen including after normal again. He had to Off it first and then enable it again to get normal effects.
* If Hex is used to illusion or summoned units, will instantly kill him. Unless the unit has such spirit bear skin resistance.

# Hex can be blocked by Linken's Sphere.
# Purge Diffusal blade can remove Hex


Illusion / Image

Illusion is a duplicate / copy of a hero or unit in which the copy was spawn / appear, Copy does not have an active skill, receive greater damage and to damage smaller than the original. Used to outwit your opponent, you earn Increases damage etc. Illusion has a blue color when seen by friends so that they can distinguish between the genuine and the fake.


Illusion gets a bonus of

* Stat bonus items. (Ironwood Branch)
* Critical Strike (Crystalys). critical effect not only additional damage is.
* Evasion (Butterfly)
* Movement speed items (Boots of Speed, Eul's Scepter of Divinity, Phase Boots)
* True Sight (Gem of True Sight)
* Radiance burning aura (Radiance)
* Items that directly adds HP (Vitality Booster)
* Items that directly adds Mana (Energy Booster)
* Heal Mekans (active)
* Arcane Ring (active)
* Nathrezim Buckler (active)

Illusion NOT get a bonus of

* Items that directly adds Damage (Sacred Relic)
* Items that directly add Armor (chainmail)
* Items that directly adds Regen (Ring of Health)
* Increased Attack Speed ​​percent (Hyperstone)
* Lifesteal (Mask of Death)
* Frost Attack (Eye of Skadi)
* Chain Lightning (Maelstrom)
* Cleave (Battle Fury)
* Maim (Sange)
* Ministun (Monkey King Bar)
* Corruption (Stygian Desolator)
* Return (Blademail)
* Damage block (Stout Shield)
* Magic resistance (Planeswalker's Cloak)
* Spell Block (Linken's Sphere)
* (Aura), unless movement speed of Endurance Aura (Yasha) and Damage Aura (Radiance)

Skill received Illusion

* Untouchable
* Permanent Invisibility
* Spirit bear Spell Damage Reduction
* Blade Dance
* Craggy Exterior
* Auto Fire
* Moon Glaive
* Take Aim
* Drunken Brawler
* Great Fortitude
* Marksmanship
* Jinada
* Spell Shield
* Feral Heart
* Corrosive Skin
* Sadist
* Blood Bath
* Counter Helix
* Desolate
* Coup de Grace
* Juxtapose
* Phantom Edge
* Chemical Rage
* Critical Strike

Skill that works strange at Illusion

- Bash at Illusion (described in Section bash)
- Feedback, illusion only works on melee, ranged only give the illusion of animation but which ngeburn.
- Fury Swipes. The illusion can not add a bonus, but they got the bonus of an existing bonus
- Grow, only damage increases, a reduction in the size of the U.S. and the model has no effect
- Goblin's Greed, Every illusion has its own number
- Return, resulting in physical damage 5/10/15/20
- Dragon's Blood, Armor bonus works, hp regen is not
- Blur evasion only working (not transparent)
- Flash heap, can not add str, magic resist remains
- Empowering Haste, Damage worked, bonus movement aura
- Frostmourne, not men-slow, buff-placer work
- Necromastery, Image ranging from 0 souls, if they kill get green points, but the soul remains 0
- Backstab, only the animation, not working

Illusion Rune

Creating the illusion of a hero with 50% and 300% attack damage received, follow all the rules of illusion


Active Skill resulting damage to the surrounding area immediately after the cast, which sucks every second (except butcher, suck hp). there are few heroes in DotA that has this skill
Rot, Pudge
Pulse Nova, Tormented Soul


Initiator is a hero whose job is to open / start a gank / war, usually with a disable or stun AOE skill, or the hero who had spells danger area. An initiator should disable your hero as much as possible, and for that mobility and range are also needed. Hero Inittiator should approach the enemy using a dagger or Lothar to ease.


Is one of the three attributes, each INT gives +13 to Maximum Mana and +0.04 for which regeneration and +1 damage to hero with a primary attribute INT, INT hero with a primary attribute called "Intelligence Hero" or "Hero int", generally have little hp, produces greater damage from the spell, and very dangerous in the Early game


thwart the enemy spell casting (Raigor going to cast his hand before removing fissure fissure) Unit, which will attack but not finished casting animationnya, who is doing Channeling Unit will be thwarted when an interrupt. Channeling the failed unit will lose channelingnya where, and skillnya delay.

There are 15 Ways to interrupts:

* Stun (e.g. Storm Bolt)
* Entangling Roots (e.g. overgrowth)
* Ensnare (e.g. Ensnare)
* Silence (e.g. Global Silence)
* Soul Burn (e.g. Bloodrage)
* Aerial Shackles (e.g. Dismember)
* Hex (e.g. Voodoo / Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse)
* Cyclone (e.g. Eul's Scepter of Divinity)
* Sleep (e.g. Song of the Siren)
* Doom (e.g. Doom)
* Taunt (e.g. Taunt)
* Command (e.g. Berserker's Call)
* Pause (e.g. Chronosphere)
* Displace (e.g. Dark Rift}

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