Power Up Rune + Courier Tips

I have some experience where i play mid line which i need a rune to refill my empty bottle. In the time , the observer ward time is reach its limit, my support allies doesn't have enough money to buy it. and i myself is semi-late type hero, So i don't want waste my gold in those early. So what should i do? i need the rune to make my enemy feel fear, but if i waste my time to gambling where is the rune are, it will make me getting worst either,coz i waste the time to mining a gold. hahaha.
Then i see my flying courier on my fountain, there are i got some idea, why i don't use this damn bird to check where is the power up rune? This is some fact and tips for it :

The fact and tips about flying courier with power up rune

1. If you want to use flying courier to check the "Power up Rune", u must do

so it will be not death if you forgot to take it back.
2. The time flying courier use to go to power up rune place is around 28 second from the fountain. So if you want to use it , send it in (even minutes - 28 second ).
3. Don't use this flying courier trick from the start the game until the end of the game, it make your concentration divided on the time, map, and the whole games. Use this trick until your support allies can buy the observer ward :D.

Hope this tips can helping you :D

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