Mirana Build Pro

Mirana Pro's Build : 

Usually, i am using this build whenever i play Mirana-PoTM. But sometimes, i change my strategy due to the condition. So check this out :

  • In Minute 00.00 before the creep out, buy this item :
  1. Circlet of Nobility  2x
  2. Ancient tango 2x
  3. Mana Potion 1x

  •  For the skill you take : 
  • Level 1: Elune Arrow's
  • Level 2: Leap
  • Level 3: Elune Arrow's
  • Level 4:  Starfall
  • Level 5:  Elune Arrow's
  • Level 6: Starfall
  • Level 7: Elune Arrow's
  • Level 8: Starfall
  • Level 9: Starfall
  • Level 10: Leap / Ultimate Skill  Take leap if your enemy keep using stun, ex : Sven, vengeful spirit)
  • Level 11: Ultimate Skill / Attribute Bonus
  • Level 12: Leap
  • Level 13: Leap / Attribute Bonus
  • Level 14 : Attribute Bonus
  • Level 15 : Ultimate Skill
  • Level 16: Attribute Bonus / Ultimate Skill

  • Item that you must buy(buy it by a sequence) :
After you have enough money to buy some item, you can buy this item below by sequence.

  • Power Tread / Phase Boots - Buy Power Tread if you need more HP, Phase boots if you need more damage(Buy Boot of Speed in latest)
But if you on the Mid lane, i prefer you to buy preserverence first, so you'll seldom to back to the fountain
  • Yasha / Diffusal Blade : I usually buy Yasha first, because it cheaper than Diffusal, but if you think that you can buy diffusal, buy it. 
  • *Wraith Band- make it if you die.
  • Ultimate Orb then Manta Style - To make Manta, or maybe for linken sphere.
  • After this, you can build the hero with your own style . Buy damage item first. I prefer you to buy Item like Mjolnir, MKB, Buriza, Radiance. If you want to make buriza, just make crysalis first, then buy radiance before you make it into buriza.

  •  Tips and Trick
  1. Read How To make accurate arrow
  2. Use leap for evading stun skill, It easy, just Leap before the stun hit you.
  3. In level 6/7 try to gank  another lane. I believe you can killed your enemy, using your Elune arrow.
  4. Play safe, if you get hitted just run to the fog using leap, than hit enemy again.
"The important thing if you using Mirana is your arrow's accurate rate" 

That's all that i can give to you, You can develop it by yourself if you think this build not suitable with your style.

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