DotA 6.74c LoD v5e Strongest Agi/Int Combo Heroes

Welcome back Dota Players!

Do you ever played DotA LoD map? if you haven't, i'll give you some preview for what is this game :D..

This game is DotA modification map, i don't know are this game is legal or not X_X, but in my country we often play this game. There is still imbalance and have some bug in this game. But that's different make us who dota player want to testing our creativity. Okay, Sorry for make you think what the fuck is this blog, why there is no point in this !! hahaha=p..

DotA LoD is the DotA itself but in this map, we can choose our heroes with a combine skill from all of heroes in your cottage. The skill is 4 Normal Skill and 2 Ultimate Skill.  Because of it, it's often people in Garena make a game mode with SD(Single Draft). This is to make a luckily play :D. Btw, I have make a review for a game mode, so if you don't understand what is SD mode you can search it in this blog :D.

Now, i'll ask you what skill do you like to get?? :D :D wanna try this game? just get the AI map at here

Wait i haven't give you my secret !
Have tired to read it? hahaha:p
Just stand it for a while again bro and sis ^^..
This is my LoD Secret Skill :D Remember to take all this skill if you got a luckily in single draft :

Heroes requirement : Techies, Sniper, Lanaya, Aushtha Enchantress, Some heroes who have skill like overpower(Ursa) or Strafe(BoneClinkz)

  1. Heroes = Techies(WTF! why we choose this bomber Heroes??, hahaha=p just read it until end bro^^)
  2. Skill = Sniper Skills = Take Aim, Lanaya Skills = Psi Blades, OverPower or Strafe, Blink skill or maybe Windwalk skill :D
  3. Ultimate Skill = Enchantress = Impetus, One Another is up to User :D
Now i will enlighten your imagination :D. Firstly, This build is so deadly because it have very long range, you can see the Sniper skill and lanaya skill at here, the other is the heroes, techies which have the longest range in DotA. So what's up if it have a very long range? The Deadly thing is in the ultimate skill, Impetus, you know that the damage of impetus is based on the range. So can you see if you have All of that's skill how strong is your damage right? :D The Attack Speed must be the worried thing, So that's you must get the over power or strafe. How about you be ganked by your enemy? you have a blink so don't worry. :D
This is what i can give to you.. i hope this can be worth it if you try this :D

Thx :D See you in another Post ^^

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  1. Fuck Tis... is Great

  2. yes this is great.. so when you launch attack on enemy ( impetus = ON ) rapidly get back with blink before impetus hit the enemy, so you will get more more damage XD XD

    1. want some greater ? use aleria's ultimate skill :D.

    2. how about i have blink of mortred or rikki.. hehe

  3. for the last ultimate you can use assassinate if you can't manage to kill the enemy hero even with the impetus

  4. a great skill set if you are using melee: Blink Strike, Jinada, Coup de Grace, Grow, Feast, Open wounds
    with jinada and coup de grace you are sure to have a huge critical hit and with the effect of grow, you could deal massive damage. Blink strike and open wounds are optional if you don't want the enemy to escape. you can replace open wounds with greater bash and even replace blink strike with kunkka's cleave. Critical hit, lifesteal, cleave, and bash. with battle fury, satanic, buriza do kyanon, vanguard, HoT, and assault cuirass, you are virtually unstoppable. watcha think??

    1. blink motred, fury ursa, vampire aura skeleton king, essence aura slark, grow tiny, borrow abbadon,, this skill can take down your stupid skill..

    2. how about Blink PA, fury ursa, fervor troll, panda passive crit evade, Alche rage, Shadow Dance?? your pussy skills be like O.O

  5. after the impetus is hit in your enemy.use force staff to get your enemy move far away. think about it.

  6. Wow coooooool skill!!!!!

  7. another ulti is tiny's ulti