DotA Newbie Tricks

This is an article that can make you to be pro players!

I made this article last year, but i forget to update it. But today, i have update it with some of good information for you who still new in DotA. I Hope this article can helping you :D.

If you've been playing DOTA for a while, you probably wish you knew a few things that would help to improve your game - like how to avoid being killed for one! Perhaps you watch the others get a LH which you thought was yours, or perhaps your hero isn't quite as useful as you'd like, or you need to build your hero much faster. Perhaps you'd like to know the best farming stategies, or which lanes to push, or how to do LH. Even if you are improving, you may still be frustrated by players who are much better than you. They may not appreciate your skill level either.

This article can helping you to resolved up your problem . Truthly, DotA games is only speaking on this bottom aspect  :

Creeping/ Farming

We, the dota players gain the gold from last hitting creep. It maybe hard for a new player to last hitting creeps. It would be more difficult if we play a new game and use another hero, am i right? That phenomenon occurs because of the hero's attack speed different in the before game and in the present. So to mastering it, i prefer you to play a many game with just one hero so you could get the feel. Then it will easy for you to last hitting creep with another hero.

Caution about Map

Many people who new from DotA still doesn't know what is the important of the minimap. The minimap give us an information to told us where is the enemy position, teammate position, and situation of creeps. This game is team-playing so when we play, we often see that our teammates give us a caution if some enemy was missing from his lane. So how we know where is the enemy first lane if we doesn't see our minimap? I remind you too, enemy who want ganking will be spotted on the minimap first before it come on your screen. So it will very important for DotA.

Know your Heroes

This is maybe some that all dota people have known even the person is newbie. But, sometimes, i still saw such a people who use heroes like Traxex buy battle fury for the item build. I don't know what are they thinking. So for a newbie people , at least you must know a little thing about your heroes. You can use -tips command If you don't know what the item you must buy.

Control Your Desire to Kill

This is the biggest thing who many people even the pros itself often forgotten about it. The " You die I die" in DotA was still often occurs. Actually, if you have been kill your enemy but got killed after that, the most who got disadvantages was yourself. My calculation said that you will got a more lost gold then your enemy you gave been killed. I don't want to showing you how i calculate it, but it is fact ! It will different if the situation is " They die I die" this situation are good for you and your team. So try to control your desire. Don't chasing enemy if your risking to death is high :D.

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