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This is the review of Mirana-Priestess of the Moon(PoTM)'s elune arrow..

Elune's Arrow is the best skill of PoTM.. for the mirana pro build click here..
Many people said Elune's Arrow was hard to use because we must predicts the enemy movements.

This post will explain a step by step to make your arrow more accurate :

  1. Use PoTM often time when you're playing so you could get the feeling.
  2. Get used to clicking on the ground not on heroes when using Elune's arrows. 
  3. Predict your enemy movements. this is the important thing. Try to predict what would you do if you are in their position. The second important thing is to predict your arrow movement's speed. I'm not sure how fast is elune's arrow but you'll get used to it if you do the first step.
  4. Make sure you are in a strategist place before you use elune's arrow. Many people often do the elune's arrow at the wrong place, that's because they are focusing on the enemy and unaware with their own position. Try to read the mini map, it is the best way to find out your position and your enemies on the same times.
  5. Use elune's arrow when your enemies are focused on farming. Usually, they unaware with the surrounding. The tips is simple, when the range creep's enemy have a last hit HP and it will be hit by your creeps, shot your arrow. I often used it and many people unaware with my arrow because they to focused on denying their range creeps XD. You could do it with the opposite. 
  6. For a long range shot (when there are no disturber), your arrow accuracy will depend on how you mastering the third step and the fourth step.

With this article, i'm sure your accurate point is >55% now. And you also will become a good player because now you could read the mini map, read the fog, and read the enemy movement to gap enemy.

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