Game command on DotA

There are many commands that you can enter during the game, some impact the game itself, while others display useful information. Here we provide a list of most of the commands in the game. There are some other commands that you can also use, but they are almost entirely for fun and have no impact on the game, so we will start by covering only those that impact gameplay.
All commands must be preceeded by "-" to work, for instance, "-ma". All game modes must be entered on a single line preceeded by "-", for instance, "-apemomsc".
Common Game Modes
apAll Pick. Each player is allowed to pick a hero from any tavern.
arAll Random. Each player is given a random hero from any tavern.
rdRandom Draft. 20 random heroes from any tavern are selected and players take turns picking from them.
sdSingle Draft. Each player chooses from one of 3 individual random heroes.
cdCaptains Draft. 24 random heroes are selected. Then Blue and Pink take turns banning heroes, then picking heroes. Then the players on each team pick from their team's heroes.
cmCaptains Mode. Blue and Pink take turns banning heroes, then take turns picking heroes. These heroes are then chosen by members of their team.
emEasy Mode. Towers are weaker, and players get extra gold and experience.
dmDeath Match. When you die you are given a new hero. The game can end normally, or when one team reaches a certain amount of deaths. lives # can be used to set life limit, and -nd to remove respawn timer along with this mode.

Other Game Modes
rsRandom Side. Places each team on a random side.
duDuplicate. More than one of each hero can be played.
spShuffle Players. Randomly switches around players from each team.
xlExtended League. Both Sides will take turns picking heroes. Each team captain can pick 4 heroes to remove from the pool.
omOnly Mid. Only the middle lane is used.
scSuper Creeps. Powerful creeps will spawn every 10 minutes.
lmLeague Mode. Both Sides will take turns picking heroes.
mmMirror Mode. After one minute, each team will have the same heroes.
trTeam Random. You will be given a random hero from your taverns.
mrMode Random. Selects a random game mode.
vrVote Random. You will be given a random hero from the voted groupset.
rvReverse. You pick a hero for your opponent.
oiObserver Info. Disables extra information display for observers.
shSame Hero. All players will be given the hero that Blue has.
aaAll Agility. Only Agility heroes are used.
aiAll Intelligence. Only Intelligence heroes are used.
asAll Strength. Only Strength heroes are used.
idItem Drop. When you die, a random inventory slot will drop an item.
npNo Powerups. No runes spawn.
ntNo Top. The top lane is not used.
nmNo Mid. The middle lane is not used.
nbNo Bot. The bottom lane is not used.
nsNo Swap. Swapping heroes is not allowed.
nrNo Repick. Repicking heroes is not allowed.
pmPooling Mode. All items can be used by other players.
miMini Heroes. All heroes are half normal size.
frFast Respawn. Reduces death times by 50%.
moMelee Only. Only melee heroes are used.
roRanged Only. Only ranged heroes are used.
erExperimental Runes. Uses an experimental rune spawning system.
soSwitch On. Allows use of the -switch command. Leavers items can be unlocked by -unlock command when this mode is activated.
zmZoom mode. Observers will view the game from a zoomed out state.
cpCapture Point. Specific areas appear at 10 minute mark. Capturing them grants various bonus auras.
wtfFun mode. Spells have no cooldown or manacost.

tipsGives you various helpful pointers about your hero throughout the game.
randomRandom. Gives you a random hero in modes like All Pick. You get 250 extra gold.
random intRandom. Gives you a random Intelligence hero in modes like All Pick. You get 150 extra gold.
random strRandom. Gives you a random Strength hero in modes like All Pick. You get 150 extra gold.
random agiRandom. Gives you a random Agility hero in modes like All Pick. You get 150 extra gold.
maDisplays the heroes your opponents control and their levels. Alias: -matchup.
msDisplays your hero's current movement speed. Alias: -movespeed.
apmDisplays apm ( actions per minute ) of all players.
csDisplays your creep kills, denies, and neutral kills.
switch #Allows you to switch teams with another player. Other players vote with -ok or -no after this command is entered.
csonActivates the cs display to display your creep kills and denies.
esEnables selection helper. This is enabled by default. Alias: -enableselection
esDisables selection helper. Alias: -disableselection
csoffDeactivates the cs display.
cCenter. Locks the camera on your hero.
coCenteroff. Turns center mode off.
disablehelpPrevents certain spells, such as Test of Faith cast by an allied Holy Knight, from affecting you. Also prevents allies from picking up your items in the fountain area.
enablehelpRe-enables effects from certain allied spells and allows allies to pick up your items in the fountain area.
unstuckPauses your hero for 60 seconds, after which you are teleported to your base.
recreateSometimes rare glitches occur with certain heroes, recreate can fix those glitches. Recreate takes about 2 minutes to complete, and only works on Lycanthrope, Lifestealer, Dragon Knight, Soul Keeper, and Tormented Soul.
swap #Offers to swap your hero with another player's. -swaphero # can also be used.
showmsgShows messages.
hidemsgHides messages.
showdenyShows a '!' above a creep when it is denied.
hidedenyHides the '!'.
quote #Plays a hero quote. Writing it without a number will play a random hero quote.
weather rainSwitches weather to rain.
weather snowSwitches weather to snow.
weather moonlightSwitches weather to moonlight.
weather windSwitches weather to wind.
weather randomSwitches to random weather.
weather offTurns weather off.
diEnables -cson and -showdeny. Alias: -denyinfo. -di is initially enabled.
donShows the death timer. Alias: -deathon
doffHides the death timer. -deathoff
roll #Shows a random number between 1 and the number entered, max of 2000. Default of 100.
rollonEnables roll command. This is initially enabled.
rolloffDisables roll command.
hhnHides the hero name portion of player's names. Alias: -hideheronames.
testEnables single player commands.
muteToggles sounds on and off.
clearClears the messages.
iiItem info. Shows items of allied heroes on multiboard.
gameinfoDisplays information about the current game modes.
kickafk #Used to kick a player who has been AFK for a long period of time.
minesShows you how many Land Mines you have placed with Goblin Techies.
mcShows how many times you have Multicast with Ogre Magi.
fsShows how much bonus Strength you have gained from Flesh Heap with Pudge. Alias: -fleshstr
intShows how much bonus Intelligence you have gained from Last Word with Silencer.
haShows your average accuracy with Meat Hook or Hookshot.
aaShows your average accuracy with Elune's Arrow.
invokelistDisplays all of Invoker's spells, and what reagents are needed to use them.
water redMakes the water red.
water greenMakes the water green.
water blueMakes the water blue.
water defaultMakes the water the default color.
water r g bSets the water color to the color specified by r, g, and b. Example: "-water 255 0 0" is the same as "-water red".
water randomSets the water to a random color.
ggDisplays bonus gold gained from Alchemist's Goblin Greed ability.
rhDisplays a random hero name. Alias: -rollhero.

Single Player Commands
lvlup #Increases level of your hero by entered value.
refreshResets ability cooldowns, sets health and mana of your hero to 100%.
spawncreepsSpawns creeps from all lanes.
powerupSpawns runes.
neutralsForces neutral spawn.
killKills your last picked hero. This kill will be considered as a suicide.
gold #Increases your gold by entered value.
time #Sets time of day. Values should be between 0 and 24.
killsentKills sentinel creeps.
killscourgeKills scourge creeps.
killallKills all creeps.
noherolimittAllows you to pick multiple heroes.
treesForces a tree spawn.
killwardsRemoves wards from the map.
spawnonEnables creep spawn. This is enabled initially.
spawnoffDisables creep spawn.

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