View Replay and Save Replay Guide

View Replay Guide :

  1. Make sure your replay file is in Replay folder. The replay file must be .w3g file.
  2. Open your Warcraft III. Click Single Player, then click View Replay.
  3. Next you can see your replay.
  4. If you see some of replay can't be played (grey colour), it is because your warcraft version is different with the replay. Take a look at this example :
Save Replay 
My warcraft version is 1.24, but the replay is [1.23] so i can't play the video. The method to play the replay is simple. Just change your warcraft version. If you doesn't have the Version Switcher click here.

How to Save Replay :

  1. Make sure your game is over and the table score is appear.
  2. Click Save Replay or you can use shortcut [alt+S] to Save your replay.
  3. Give it name and your replay had been saved.
It's kinda easy right? So just try it and upload your replay =)

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