Legion TD 3.43

Have bored with playing dotA?

Here are some advice to play another map from Warcraft III ..this is the review for Legion TD Mega 3.43. I like to play this game when i getting bored to play dotA..

Legion TD Mega 3.43

This is the exciting Tower Defence which we must compete with another team.. Four people in one team, and we compete to make our King alive and defeat other team's King. In this game, the creeps is also have so much variety. Which mean we must have a good sense to build an advantage tower. In every ten levels, we have to stand with monster Boss and after that, we compete our tower with another team. Beside that, we can send some mini Boss creep to another team. That's the way to defeat another King. Just try to play it..  We'll Learn more from what we experience. 

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