Fast Game DotA guide

Fast Game dotA Guide

What time is the fastest game have you ever seen? Today i want to share you a team build for making your opponent crying like baby. I and my team have tried it and my team winning the game in minute 16.00. What the best is in minutes 15.00 we have a mega creeps.
So this is the guide, check it out :

  • Pick Hero

1. Krobelus – The Death Prophet

2. Leshrac the Malicious - Tormented Soul

3. Rotund' jere – The Necrolyte

4. Pugna - Obvilion

5.  Demon Lannik, The Warlock

  •  First Skill of Hero

  •  Krobelus – The Death Prophet
           - Carrion Swarm
  • Leshrac the Malicious - Tormented Soul
                    -Diabolic Edict
  •  Rotund' jere – The Necrolyte
                    -Death Pulse
  • Pugna - Obvilion
          -Nether Blast
  • Demon Lannik, The Warlock
                    -Fatal Bond

  • First Target Line

       If you are Sentinel, All of your team must attacking the left line together. you'll doing this until 2 Towers of your enemy has destroyed. if you are Scourge, your team must attacking the right line together. Together mean all of your team ! Krobelus and Pugna have a duty to killing all creeps, Pugna and Leshrac have a duty to destroy the towers, Warlock and Rotund'jere have a duty to replenish all of your team's HP and MP.

  • Second Target Line

       Attack the opposite line of your first target line, if in before you attacking the left line, now you attacking the right line. Do the same thing, Now you must be faster than before because you had been level up.

  • Third Target Line

      Attack the mid until the barrack destroyed. You must made it, when you're doing this at least, Your team must have 2 mana boots, 1 mekansm,  1 pipe. All of the item must support each other on the team

  • Last Targeted Line

      First, choose the line which your creep are weaker. if it's left, push left first, so does the opposite. When your mid's creeps has reached the mid barrack, you could destroy the left or right barrack. It is not counted as backdoor.  you must go after the other barrack after you destroy one. Now, you have a mega creeps. The Winner is yours =) 
NB : Remember when you are playing a typical of fast game, focus on the tower, not on the enemy's Hero. My team have been play so much fast game typical, and they still often focusing on the  Enemy's Hero. The killer instinct make we lose many time, believe it =)

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