Slayer-Lina inverse Mid mobile build(Pro)

Lina DotA
The extremely hot babes on DotA, Lina inverse. this hero is one of my favourite hero, she have very dangerous ultimate skill, Laguna Blade. besides that, this intelligence hero have balance skill, stunning enemy, rush tower, etc. this is the History of Lina :

A renowned pyromancer roaming the lands, Lina Inverse originally joined the Sentinel for monetary purposes. However, weeks turned into months, and fighting alongside the many holy warriors with fearless souls inspired her with the responsibility of protecting the sanctity of the World Tree.
With her devastating abilities to summon vaporizing flames, she wreaks havoc among the enemy ranks. In dire situations, she would imbue herself with an ultimate fervor, or even call forth a massive beam of lightning which is said to instantly slay any single foe. A most feared enemy of the Scourge, a most unswerving defender of the Sentin

 Slayer-Lina Inverse Pro Build :

This trick was only used if there are no -np(nopowerup) mode.

 In the first minutes, Choose the Mid line and farms until level 7 before you start to ganking one to another, in this build you have to play with power up, so often to see the mini map and the time  :

 00.00 :                 - ironwood branch(53) 3x= 159 gold
                             - Ancient tango (90) 2x =    180 gold
                             - Animal Courier(200) 1x = 200 gold
                             - Mana Potion(50) 1x      =   50 gold
                           ----------------------------------------- +
                                                                          589 gold

  • The first skill you'll take is skill number 2 which can stun enemy. before the creeps out, try to go to power up place, so you can get the power up. if you got the double damage or invisible PU, try to do "first blood" with your friend.  See your friend's hero, are there any possibility to do "first blood" or not. It will be better if your friend have stopper skill like stun, hex, etc or slow skill.
  • 01.50 : take the PU(Power Up), buy some sentry and placed it on the PU. Just in case if you doesn't know, PU is coming to the game every 2 minutes.  After you take a PU, take a look at mini map, see are there any enemy could be ganked or not. if there are no possibility go back to the mid line.
  • 03:00 : Buy empty bottle with your courier. Empty bottle's price : 600 gold. Remember, to share your courier. One of your team must upgrade the courier. After you buy the empty bottle, use it wisely. 
  • 03:50 : Take the PU, but in this time, use your empty bottle to get it bottled up. Once again, Take a look at mini map, Search any posibillity to do ganking. Do this until you get your ultimate skill.
  • After you get your ulti, this is your time for doung the real ganker-nuker heroes. Buy sentry and take it to enemy forest to searching your enemy which are farming at neutral creeps. Before that you must have a boot's, your foot must be uncomfortable, right ?=p. whenever you do this step, make sure your friend fill the mid line. Now go anywhere do you like, left, right, or jungle. when you choose the line, choose it wisely. Choose the line which have a posibillity to kill the enemy, not got killed by the enemy=)
  •  After First War, Bought the Kellen's Dagger Escape. Why this item? I think this item is the most worth it item in DotA, you could use it for ganking the enemy, running away from the enemy, avoiding the  enemy's skill, etc. So you must learn how to use this Item=).
Now after this, you could develop the build by your own style, you could bought the aghanim, Eul's, guinshoo, etc. the one that i could say was you have been succeed using Lina Inverse Properly =).

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