Dota's Best Save Replay

On Youtube, there are many people who upload his replay's. Many of them have a good quality, but some of them, is the opposite. It will make us hard to choose which are good or bad. I feel that too. But, it become history after i know WoDotA. The truth, i have known Wodota for maybe 2 years ago. Yes, of course, who doesn't know WoDotA nowadays XD. But, after i got asked from my friend, i knew that, there are still many people that blind to choosing good dota replays. That's make me think, why i doesn't promote it in here?

Okay, now i give u the fact why WodotA is best for me.

1. They edited it, so we can see the unbelievable move in slow motion, good map, etc.
2. The player is from all arround the world, like Brazil, Philippines, China, etc.
3. They cutted it. They just show us a moment of game which is very impressive.
4. If the impressive movement is because of FoW, The specific of the fog can be seen here.(If you doesn't know what is fow, just check on dota dictionary and use ctrl+F to search)
5. And the best is, they always updated ! Todays, they make up to Vol. 110

So, what you wait? just go on youtube and write Wodota on there ! you will see a best replay's there !

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