DotA 6.79b Official Map Download

Another quick update from Icefrog, DotA 6.79b Map has been released yesterday. DotA 6.79b fix some bugs and fatal error on the DotA 6.79.  As you know, there are many bugs on DotA 6.79 like Slardar causing fatal error, Skeleton King's vampiric aura  and linken spawning runes on the ground, etc. You can check the complete changelog on below :
* Fixed a crash on older versions of Warcraft when picking Slardar
* Fixed some performance problems when Bloodseeker was in the game
* Fixed Vampiric Aura and Linken's Sphere sometimes spawning runes on the ground
* Fixed Radiance not working on illusions
* Fixed selling items after a buyback not giving back gold

Download Map : DotA 6.79b Map Download

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