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The Roles of the Hero :
1. Carry(The Main Role)
2. Jungler

Capabilities :

  • Decent agility
  • Decent strength
  • Good escape mechanism
  • High base damage
  • Permabasher
  • Strong carry

Weaknesses :

  • Bad lane control
  • Low HP and EHP
  • Melee hero
  • Weak on early game
DotA  Darkterror Faceless Void's Skills :

Time Walk:

Level 1: 120 mana, 13 cooldown, 700 cast range, 300 AoE, 10% slow.
Level 2: 120 mana, 13 cooldown, 900 cast range, 300 AoE, 20% slow.
Level 3: 120 mana, 13 cooldown, 1100 cast range, 300 AoE, 30% slow.
Level 4: 120 mana, 13 cooldown, 1300 cast range, 300 AoE, 40% slow.
It has a short casting time when void raises his hands. When you travel you become invulnerable so you won’t take damage and cannot be targeted. It won’t remove rupture. Although the effect remains while you travel you won’t be damaged at all. This skill is similar to morphling’s waveform, but you won’t loose the control of the hero when you use it. When TW is finished there’s a small period when you cannot issue commands to faceless! Since you don’t have channeling spells just repeat the same command until void moves again. TW can be used under some spells like: ensnare/bite and those that are similar to these two.


Level 1: 10% chance.
Level 2: 15% chance.
Level 3: 20% chance.
Level 4: 25% chance.
Whenever faceless receives damage (if the damage is above 6) there’s a chance that this skill will trigger and that it will heal void back. It works against all types of damage except: sunder. This skill won’t evade stuns even if the damage is backtracked! Silence and Doom and hex won’t disable this skill! Actually nothing can. Bactrack is one of the most relaiable skills of dota! A disabled skill (most passives can be disabled) has a chane of 0% to work while BT 25% from level 7 till the end of the game.

Time Lock:

Level 1: 10% chance per attack. 40 damage.
Level 2: 15% chance per attack, 50 damage.
Level 3: 20% chance per attack, 60 damage.
Level 4: 25% chance per attack, 70 damage.
It is the same as melee bash. The damage it deals is magical and avatar can block it, but the stun effect will work even if it doesn’t deal damage. The effect lasts twice as long on creeps and half on Roshan. Since the damage is magical you won’t get return damage when it triggers (except your base damage). Doom disables this skill and any other basher in your inventory.


Level 1: 3 Seconds, 150 mana, 165 cooldown, 500 cast range, 425 AoE.
Level 2: 4 Seconds, 175 mana, 165 cooldown, 550 cast range, 425 AoE.
Level 3: 5 Seconds, 200 mana, 165 cooldown, 600 cast range, 425 AoE.
This spell has a 0.5 casting time and there’s another little pause before it will stop the units. This spell only stops units and will never stop spells. Of course it will stop channeling since it is the same as a long duration stun. Avatar won’t work against this either. This skill won’t stop: omnislash, wards and spirits (like Exorcism) after they’ve been casted.

Skill Build

  1. Time Walk
  2. Time Lock
  3. Backtrack
  4. Time Lock
  5. Time Lock
  6. Chrono
  7. Time Lock
  8. Time Walk
  9. Backtrack
  10. Backtrack
  11. Chrono
  12. Backtrack
  13. Time Walk
  14. Time Walk
  15. Stats
  16. Chrono
  17. 17-25 : Stats
We get one level of time walk, since better players will normally nuke the hell out of faceless. With this we can get to safety if that happens. The reason why we get it one the first level is simple: good teams may try to do a three man gank on level 1 to get an early first blood.

Starting Item

  • Ironwood Branches  3x
  • Ancient Tango of Essifation
  • Healing Salve
  • Stout Shield/Quelling Blade
Core Item
  • Mask of Madness
  • Power Treads
  • The Butterfly 
  • Battle Fury 
  • Buriza-do Kyanon 
  • Heart of Tarrasque
  • Poor Man’s Shield. It is cheaper alternative to Vanguard. 
  • Helm of the Dominator. Helm of the Dominator is a valid alternative to Mask of Madness. It’s really effective during the late game, upgrading it to Satanic.
  • Hand of Midas. Only get Hand of Midas if you’re able to farm it in timely manner or just skip it. 
  • Yasha. Yasha grants 16 agility (i.e. 16 damage and 16 IAS) and 15 AS, so it’s an item to consider. In case, Manta Style is the suggested upgrade, as it grants overall statistics and the Mirror Image ability. The clones won’t get stuck in the Chronosphere. On the other hand, the MS increase is totally useless.
  • Armlet of Mordiggian. It provides many useful bonus and has a strong synergy with Manta Style. Suggested for a very aggressive gameplay, since it more than doubles your DPS.
Choosing Lane

Take the upper lane on scourge, or the lower one if you are with the sentinel .

Early game's Strategy
You’re supposed to wait until the creepwawe reaches its safety zone (the tower), where you’ll be able to farm a bit. If the enemy group doesn’t play agressively, then you can play in the farming way. Concentrate on last-hits and deny. As long as no creep can be last-hitted, attack your own creeps under half HP to draw the lane towards your tower. There are some basic that i like (By : Oneatatime playdota Member) :

Creep Lure Technic:

If you are close to the melee creeps, and you issue an attack command against the enemy hero the creeps will start to attack you. Because of that your own creeps will attack the other creeps. If the creeps are close to you, and the tower isn’t attacking the enemy hero they will follow you even if the tower is hitting them. The towers priority is: those that attack the allied hero, the one that attacks the tower, the one that is close. This is all you have to know to accomplish the following movements:

If enemy creeps, are coming for the tower, and your creeps are still far, then: Stand next to the tower with the Hold Position key and when the creeps get close start to run backwards until you reach your own wave. If the enemy attacks the tower the tower will fight back, since no one else is hitting it, and you are already far away.

If the fighting is close to your towers attack range then you could lure the creeps by attacking the hero (you don’t need to hit him!) and running instantly backwards. This will draw all creeps towards your tower thanks to the simple AI. If you are close enough to the creeps they will attack you, even if you targeted the hero on the other side of the map.

Mid game's Strategy

At this time of the game, You can start to do gankingIf an enemy is farming on your lane, call for a gank or move to another one. You should be the one who has to kill, above all because of the expensive items you need to buy. 

When you do Pushing, Simply start Mask of Madness’ Berserk when the first creep gets below half HP: this will push your lane towards the enemy. As always, when you get close to the enemy, go back and farm neutral creeps. During this time, the enemies will most likely push back, and when the creepwave gets big enough, return, kill them all and repeat the aforementioned process. 

When you have nothing to do and all of your creepwave is already at the enemies’ tower then start to kill some neutral creep. Even if you’re ganked in the while, you’ll be able to escape and regenerate HP thanks to Time Walk and lifesteal.

Late game's Strategy

With a correct Chronosphere’s availment and good team members, you can defeat the enemy at their own towers. If the attack is finished, your team is retreating and you have at least half HP, then you should kill some ancient creep to regain it. It's carry's responsibility to drive his team to victory. In equally strong late game, The death of carry was very influential to the game. Don't be so proud of yourself and do committed suicide by come to the tiger's nest alone. XD

Okay, that's all for DarkTerror- Faceless Void Guide. Enjoy DotA Gamers ! 

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