DotA 6.78 Heroes Leaked

Siraraz from PlayDota  found the unit data to unused heroes in the current map(DotA 6.77b) and made them accessible . There are total 6 heroes found with their complete skillset. These heroes have fully functional abilities and good hero models which can be a nice fit for next map.

If you are looking to play them, download it at :

Note: You need to enter "-clear" command in game to spawn heroes. They will appear in the middle of the map.  However, the following don't work:

  • Mortar Team's first three skills do nothing. Flash Bomb provides only an effect. Siege Form will crash the map if you buy an Orb Effect.
  • Ghost Revenant's Exhaustion - Actually is a global Thunder Clap.

Heroes list :

Dragonhawk – Intelligence

  • Conjure Force: Deals 300 damage and ensnares units in about between 600 AoE radius for 4 seconds .
  • Arcane Seal: Silences enemy unit and amplifies the damage done. Similar to Skywrath Mage 3rd spell.
  • Thrust: Force staff push combined with heal, can be target on self/allies.
  • Divine Wrath: Targets a single ally and causes the caster to begin to channel. The targeted unit takes no damage for the duration of the channel. At the end of the channel, Dragonhawk gains a sub ability that allows her to launch a projectile that deals the negated damage in an AoE.
  • Target Divine Wrath (Divine Wrath's Sub-Skill): Launches a missile in the targeted angle. Deals damage proportional to blocked damage. For best results, tank the fountain and then get a rampage.

Wyvern Outrider – Agility

  • Sonic Boom:Rushes towards target point up to x range away, but stops at the first enemy unit it makes contact with, stunning and dealing damage. This skill seems to be blocked by trees.
  • Wind Blast: Deals damage in a small AoE after a short delay based of a formula that seems to be partially derived off of the hero's AGI.
  • Wind Barrier: Banshee's Anti-magic Shell on a target ally as well as increasing their movement speed.
  • Prevailing Winds: Cyclones everything in the area of effect (except buildings). After the cyclone ends, friendly units gain bonus movement speed whilst enemy units are slowed. Wind Barrier seems to apply some extra armor and attack speed based on some ability information.

Priest – Intelligence

  • Holy Shackles: Sends out beams of light to nearby enemy units in a chain effect.
  • Chill: Silences and deals damage to a single enemy unit.
  • Focus: Increases damage by 100 on an allied target for x attacks, but also lowers their movement speed.
  • Divine Intervention: Makes the targeted unit invulnerable. Similar to Divine Shield from Warcraft III.

Mortar Team – Strength

  • Concussive Shot: Relevant information shows that it silences and slow enemy units.
  • Bomb Bomb: Unknown skill or incomplete skill
  • Flash Bomb: Relevant information shows it applies Drunken Haze that causes enemy units to miss 80% of their attacks.
  • Siege Form: A skill that toggles between two forms: base hero and Siege form. The toggle has a 4 second CD. Reduces ms of the Mortar team to 100 but also increases attack damage by 50/100/150 and raises attack range to 1000/1250/1500. The Mortar Team can be made to attack ground, and all attacks hit in an AoE. 

Ghost Revenant – Intelligence

  • Wraith: Puts the hero into the Ethereal state for x seconds, at the same time increasing MS. The skill can be cast again to end the Ethereal state early, although at max level the CD and duration of the skill seem to be the same, allowing for the skill to be on all time.
  • Blackjack: Fires 3 orbs in parralel line that each move at 800 units per second. These orbs deal damage and stunn any units caught at the tip of the AoE.
  • Miasma: Deals damage to all enemy units in an x AoE and applies a buff. This buff reveals invis units and deals damage over time (It's essentially Dust with damage).
  • Exhaustion: Reduces the MS of all enemy units on the map to 100(Global thunder clap)

Edgewalker – Intelligence

  • Death Watch: Targets an allied unit and places a buff on them for ~10 seconds. If the unit is killed by an enemy, the unit responsible for the killing blow takes damage and is stunned.
  • Reality Shift: Places a ward which causes nearby enemy units to become ethereal.
  • Fatal Attraction: Whenever Edge Walker casts a skill, all enemy units in an AoE of x are pulled y distance towards him.
  • Haunting Echos: This skill seems to passively spawn a wisp next to Edgewalker at intervals of x seconds. He can have up to a maximum of 3 wisps around him at a given time. Casting this skill destroys one of the wisps and silences and deals damage in a small AoE. The CD of this skill is very short, but it's limited by the wisp spawns.

credit to Siraraz-Playdota

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