Long Wait for DotA 6.79 Map

already two months we wait for the DotA v6.79 Map. still mystery when the release date of this map. but I think, dota 6.79 will soon be released. Could it be that in this update, many heroes will emerge? we still don't know.

At the moment dota 6.78 out, we also had to wait a long time (about 2 months). In dota 6.78, there are 2 new hero appears. a STR hero, call Kaolin-The Earth Spirit and one INT hero, call Nerif-The Oracle. Not only that, almost all existing hero on DotA affected by this change. Here are the proof :

DotA v6.78 Changelog

Do you remember the rumors that spread in moments DotA 6.78 Map will be out? there are 6 unit data to unused heroes found in DotA v6.77b Map. And it seems it still unused in DotA v6.78 Map. My opinion, probably on v6.79 Map, two of the six heroes will be released. But who knows, this just my opinion and the only one who know about it is IceFrog. If you're curious about the information of unused heroes here are the link :

DotA v6.78 Leaked

My conclusion, It seems to be a lot of new updates that will happen on DotA v6.79 Map such like new heroes, new items, and perhaps the new natural creeps. Like i said before, this information was only based on my opinion and there are no guarantee about the truth. The only one who know all about it, of course is the creator itself, IceFrog. Have your opinion?

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