Dota Map 6.77b Download and Changelog Review

Hello Dota Gamers ! Yesterday, DotA Official Map 6.77b has been out ! It fixed some of bug on DotA Map 6.77. If you want to download DotA Official Map 6.77b, you can get it on the Official DotA Allstars

Download :

DotA Map 6.77b Changelog :

  • Removed Christmas themed elements, As you know in 6.77 when you got 3x killing Streak, you'll have red santa hat. As the opposite, when you die 3 times in a row, you got black santa hat :).
  • Fixed a death streak bounty bug.
  • Fixed Fire Spirits instantly kililng Forged Spirits.
  • Fixed Brilliance Aura's self effect on Crystal Maiden not working properly.
  • Fixed some tooltips.
For the other Heroes and Item, it still no difference from DotA Map 6.77

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