DotA LoD 6.74 v5e Attack Speed Bug

Hi DotA Gamers! Do you ever see one of your enemies using a strange hero or a strange skill? They using bug and you don't know how to do bug?
I will share you some of bug at DotA LoD 6.74 to relieve your curiosity, as Compensation, please do not insult your enemies too much. I've been share some of DotA LoD bug

such like invisible bug, one hit killing, etc before. In this post, i'll share you DotA LOD Attack Speed Bug :

DotA LOD Attack Speed Bug

Requirement :

  1.  Windrunner-Aleria(Skill = Focus Fire)
  2.  Zeus-The Lord of Olympia (Skill= Static Field) / Darkseer (Skill = Ion Shell)

Skill's Sequence :

  • The first Ultimate skill : Focus Fire
  • Skill in the middle of Ultimate skill's : Static Field
  • Other than that is up to you
  • Cast Alleria Ultimate on a creep but don't hit the unit.
  • Use Darkseer to kill that unit with his Ion Shell.
  • Let Windrunner to attack units with her own. Don't use attack command. You'll got permanent focus fire after that.

Okay, that's all for DotA LOD Attack Speed Bug. Hope you like it :D. If you have another bug that you discovered and want to share in this blog. Just let me know by comment or maybe you can email me :D.

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  1. Replies
    1. It will give you permanent focus fire status :) I make an update here. So just check it out :)

    2. Not working -_-

    3. it doesn't work on v5e i think..

  2. T.T its not working
    i did it w/ Darkseer (Skill = Ion Shell)+Focus Fire

    1. hmm , try with static field + focus fire. it is work.

    2. Perma fucos fire effect in Dota lod 6.74 v4c?

    3. thank u it works

  3. Here's the skill sequence:(to be pick)
    (skill)(skill)(skill)(focusfire) (staticfield) (ultimate)
    Static field should be on lvl 5.... Try to use focus fire on a creep that is easy to kill with 3-5 hits only(orange health creeps) it will work...I guaranty it.

  4. i really don't understand how it work..
    i play lod in v5e.
    i see player uses it in that version..

    1. do you get the skill sequence correctly?
      Static field should be on the fifth and focusfire on the forth.... Try to use focus fire on a creep that is easy to kill with 3-5 hits only(orange health creeps) it will work...

  5. can u give me some videos of bug focus fire so i understand..?

  6. For me i have Bug FF... Alleria + Aftershock... try that...get the blink og magina....

    1. i already see ppl use FF bug with aftershock and blink magina,
      but hiow to use it pls explain

      map lod 6.74c v5e