DotA Warkey for Invoker

Hello DotA Gamers ! If you often see people use Invoker skillfully, They maybe use Warkey for Invoker. Warkey for Invoker will automatically make a skill for you. The program name is The tools of the Trade.

Here are the list Warkey for Invoker :

Alt+Q = Cold Snap
Alt+W = Ice Wall
Alt+E = Ghost Walk
Alt+A = EMP
Alt+S = Tornado
Alt+D = Alacrity
Alt+Z = Sun Strike
Alt+X = Chaos Meteor
Alt+C = Forged Spirit
Alt+V = Deafening Blast

Alt+1 = cast spell on left
Alt+2 = cast spell on right

Explanation :
It will affect only if you have Invoker's ultimate skill(Invoke). ex : If you press alt+Z(Sun Strike), the program will automatically pressing E+E+E+R(Invoke) for you.

Link Download :

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