DotA Zeus-The Lord of Olympia Hero Guide

Zeus DotA
Roles :
1. Nukers and Ganker(Primary)
2. Support

NB :  search on dota dictionary if you doesn't know what the meaning of the roles.

Capabilities : 

  • Best Nukers heroes on early games.
  • Many active skill with a low cooldown.
  • Easy to use.
  • Ultimate global's skill.

Weakness :

  • Low HP like a chubby.
  • Attack range is under average.
  • Movement speed is far from average.

Zeus's Skills
Zeus DotA's Skill

1. Arc Lighting : Hurls a bolt of arcing energy that laces through many nearby enemy units.
NB : Casting range: 700. Damage : 85/100/115/145. Mana Cost: 65/72/79/86. Bounce:5/7/9/15 times Cooldown: 1.75 s

2. Lightning Bolt : Summons a bolt of lightning from the heavens to strike a target enemy.
NB :Casting range: 700. Damage : 100/175/275/350. Mana Cost: 75/95/115/135. Cooldown: 6 s

3.Static Field : Whenever Zeus casts a spell, he shocks all nearby enemies for a percentage of their current hit points as damage.
NB: Passive. AoE :900. Shocks for : 5%/7%/9%/11% of current hit points.

4.Thundergod’s Wrath : Strike down all enemy heroes with a bolt of lightning.
NB: AoE : Global. Damage : 225 (440*) /350 (540*) /475 (640*) Mana Cost: 225/325/450. Cooldown: 90s *Damage with Aganim's Scepter


1. Arc Lightning
2. Static Field
3. Lightning Bolt
4. Lightning Bolt
5. Lightning Bolt
6. Thundergod`s Wrath
7. Lightning Bolt
8. Static Field
9. Static Field
10. Static Field
11. Thundergod`s Wrath
12. Stats
13. Stats
14. Stats
15. Stats
16. Thundergod`s Wrath
17. Stats
18. Stats
19. Stats
20. Stats
21. Stats
22. Stats
23. Arc Lightning
24. Arc Lightning
25. Arc Lightning

Early Item

  • Ancient Tree Tango 2x
  • Ironwood branch 3x
  • Courier
  • Mana Potion

Core Item

  • -Aganim's Scepter
  • -Mana Boot's
  • -Empty Bottle

Alternative Item

  • -Boot's of Travel
  • -Bracer
  • -Null talysman

Luxury Item

  • -Kellen of Dagger
  • -Blood Stone
  • -Eul's
  • -Guinsoo schyte
  • -Shiva's Guard
  • -Refresher's Orb


Pick Zeus if your team need nukers in early games.
Don't pick Zeus if the gameplay pushing you to play late game.


in DotA, Mid lane is suited best for Zeus. But if your ally doesn't like it. Go to the lane that you can't pulls your creeps into neutral creeps.

Early game's Strategy

Empty bottle will suited zeus well in. Pick PU often See the item guide for Empty Bottle. With empty Bottle, it will easy for you to attacking your enemy with your skills. Often to do ganking when you are lvl 5 up.

Mid game's Strategy

In mid game, it will just like in early games. But i think your item will well build if you play Zeus properly. Ganking is suited you best. Just try to make enemy's carry hard to farming with all of your active skill :D.

War game's Strategy and Ganking's Strategy

When on war or ganking, Zeus was feared by much of player. They will tried to killing you first. So FoW is the best way for you. With 700 range skill, it will easy for you to hide in the fog. Buy "Observer Ward" if necessary to ease you ganking enemy in the neutral creeps.

Late game's Strategy

Hard for zeus to stand feared in late game. Almost all of Zeus's skill will only scratching enemy. Ghost Scepter will helped you out much. See the item guide for Ghost Scepter.

That's all for Zeus DotA Guide. Enjoy DotA Gamers ! Subscribe us for another hero and item guide, DotA AI map, and latest thing about DotA.


  1. 4.Thundergod’s Wrath : Strike down all enemy heroes with a bolt of lightning.
    NB: AoE : Global. Damage : 225 (440*) /350 (540*) /475 (640*) Mana Cost: 225/325/450. Cooldown: 6s *Damage with Aganim's Scepter

    cooldown for Wrath is 90 seconds