Why Warcraft III(DotA) is better than DotA 2

Hello DotA Gamers, today i want to share why i still choose Warcraft III(DotA) than DotA 2. The main reason why DotA Gamers move to DotA 2 is the better graph and effect. This difference of graph and effect is very big. So why people like me still love Warcraft III? Here are some reason that explained it :

  1. We have many memory on DotA that can't be replaced with DotA 2. I started playing DotA from DotA 6.27 map until now(DotA 6.77 map). 50 version changed XD.
  2. There are many other exciting custom map beside DotA in Warcraft III. For example : DotA LoD, Legion TD, etc.
  3. The custom map is from fans to fans. It's become a close bond to us, Warcraft fans XD.
  4. Many unexpected custom maps that can still be developed from Warcraft III.
  5. Open sources custom map that make  fans can participate in the development.
DotA 2 welovedotas.blogspot.comWarcraft III welovedotas.blogspot.com

What can i conclude is the better graphic and effect make gamers feel more comfortable with the game. But still, the more choice of exciting game can beat it. How about you, DotA Gamers??

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