Best DotA Hero Item Part 2

Hello ! welcome to In this item review article, you will see the guide to use best active item on DotA. Usually we can't press the shortcut key of our item as fast as we need. 

Using warkey will help you out. You can download warkey for dota here.


If you doesn't know what is warkey, just click on the link too. So here are the Part 2 of best active item on DotA.

Kelen's Dagger (Teleport (active) )

Kelen's Dagger
Teleports for up to 1200 distance. Cannot be used if you have been damaged by player based damage in the last 3 seconds. Cannot be used by Vengeful Spirit or Pudge. Buy 2150 Sell 1075.

This item is useful if :

  • Your hero condition : Our hero are Ganker/Support/Initiator type. Sometimes Carry hero type buy this item too(Ex : Nevermore, Na'ix, etc)
  • Your Skill : At least, you know FoW(fog of war). 

Why this item is useful :

  • Inititator : Dagger give initiator many advantage. Initiator can open war more freely.
  • Support : Support type, usually have disadvantage on their low HP. with Dagger, they can move freely to the fog. (Support Hero job : Do skill and running to fog XD)

Armlet of  Mordiggian

Armlet of Mordiggian welovedotas.blogspot.comWhen active, Unholy Strength. Gives +31 damage, +10 attack speed, and +25 Strength while active, but drains 40 HP per second which can't be reduced. Activating has a 2 second cooldown. You cannot die from the 40 HP loss per second, nor from the health loss when deactivating. (Can only carry one)

Recipes :

  • Helm of Iron Will : 950 Gold
  • Blades of Attack : 450 Gold
  • Gloves of Haste :  500 Gold
  • Armlet of Mordiggian : 700 Gold

This item is useful if :

Our hero condition : Our hero are Tanker Carry heroes.

Why this item is useful :

Do you ever see wodota save replay? Click here link to see why wodota is dota best save replay on Youtube.  If you have seen it. You will know why Armlet is very ide item.

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