DotA 6.77 AI 1.1.7 Map Download

Welcome DotA Gamers !  Do you remember the unofficial DotA 6.77 AI map before? If you downloaded it, maybe you see some of bug and fatal error on that's map. Todays an unofficial DotA 6.77 AI 1.1.7 Map made by "Ciel" has come out ! Nowadays, "Ciel" is a new developer DotA AI team with PBMN :D.
Here are the changelog :
  • Fix AI Phoenix bug. (Before fixed, AI Phoenix cast the fire spirit repeatly to dead bodies).
  • Some Leaks of effects are fixed.
  • AI Druid death event registed.
  • The time duration of Item-Undroppability is updated such as HoD.
  • (in 6.75 ,the cooldown of HoD was decreased from 300s to 60s, but the data in scripts to lock the cooling-down items were not updated. )
  • Text tag of Alchemist now is hidden to enemies.
You can download it at :

Update :
DotA 6.77b AI 1.4 Official Map by PBMN released

Enjoy the DotA AI Latest Map ! 

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