Best DotA Wallpaper

Welcome DotA Gamers ! After making many guide of dota.

 I'll try to make the best dota wallpaper now. If you come to here, then your desktop wallpaper must be dota themes XD. I made the compilation of the best 5 DotA Wallpaper here. So just check this out. If you want to download the dota wallpaper, you can right click the picture then choose save as. Enjoy it :D..

Lich King DotA Wallpaper

For The Lich King !! good one for desktop wallpaper. With dark background, make your desktop look cool !!

Lina Inverse DotA Wallpaper

Cute One ! Lina inverse look so cute. Use this wallpaper for your desktop and make your desktop look beauty and cute !

Strygwyr-bloodseeker DotA Wallpaper

Strygwyr-Bloodseeker on WoW. Look kinda cool with the red polkadot. The polkdot mean is blood. Set it  little darker to make your desktop look Great.

Traxex-Drowranger DotA Wallpaper

Wow ! Our Best Carry on DotA is here. She isTraxex-DrowRanger !! Just test it on your desktop if you don't believe me this looks good :D

Warcraft III DotA Wallpaper

An Antique Picture on Warcraft III ! Still best on our wallpaper desktop !

Okay, that's it the best 5 dota wallpaper by Enjoy the other article in here too. Thanks :D

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