Best DotA Hero Item Part 4

I have made 4 article of DotA hero Item which i think is the most valuable item on DotA. For the correct, cheap but valuable item on DotA XD. You can see another part of  Best DotA Hero Active Item here :
Maybe this is the last part of active item that i've made. But if there is someone who has requested to add another item, i'll make it. So enjoy it XD.

Urn of Shadows (Soul Release)
urn of shadows welovedotas.blogspot.comWhenever an enemy hero dies within 1400 AoE, gains 2 charges if it has 0 charges, else gains 1 charge (each death can only charge one of these items, if two or more heroes in the AoE have this item, only one will be charged) Total Price : 875

Soul Release :
 Can expend one charge to target an allied or enemy hero. If an ally is targeted, it is healed for 400 HP over 8 seconds (this effect ends if the hero takes damage from a source other than Sentinel, Scourge or neutral creeps). If an enemy is targeted, it loses 150 HP over 8 seconds Has a 10 second cooldown, and 950 cast range
Recipe :

  • Sobi Mask : 325 gold
  • Gauntlets of Ogre 2x : 150x2=300 gold
  • Recipe : 250 gold

This item is useful if :
  • Your Hero condition : You are support / tanker / ganker type.

Why this item is useful :
  • Low price but very supportive item
  • Ganker : when ganking, you can replenish your HP with this item. Saving your time. 
  • War :  When on long war, you or your ally which in critical condition can hide on the fog and replenish your HP, then go out again to join the war.

Eul's Scepter of Divinity( Cyclone)
eul's scepter of divinity welovedotas.blogspot.comCyclones a target unit, making it invulnerable and unable to act. Double clicking the item will make cyclone be used on yourself. Can target enemies or self Lasts 2.5 seconds, costs 75 mana, has a 30 second cooldown, and a 700 cast range. Total Price = 2700

Recipe :

  • Sobi Mask : 325 gold
  • Staff Of Wizardy :1000 gold
  • Void Stone : 875 gold
  • Recipe : 500 gold

This item is useful if :
  • Your Hero condition : You are support  type.
  • Your Enemy Condition : You can avoid Barathum cast's and can avoid moving from Strygwir ultimate skill(Rupture)

Why this item is useful :
  • You can avoid Barathum cast's/Strygwir ultimate skill(Rupture). 
  • When on mid/late game war, you can use it to cyclone a tanker/carry type enemy. So your ally can move more freely. 2,5 second is valuable. Moreover if you have nuker on your team.

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