DotA 6.77 AI + Map Download

Welcome DotA Gamers ! The Official Map of DotA 6.77 has just came out Yesterday(15 December 2012), And the brand new DotA 6.77 AI also released today ! It is a bit fast, right? But yes, it is still un-official map. This map came from the creator of the previous unofficial DotA 6.76 AI map.  Here are the changelog that he made  :

  • SunRay of Phoenix fixed.
  • The Conditions for Arc Warden/Phoenix and Winter Wyvern to cast spell become strict a bit more.

For the Official map, i think PBMN still busy. Here are the reason why Official Map is a bite late. So, just try this un-official map first :D. Now PBMN is back to works again. Just wait and see the official DotA 6.77 AI map will be released soon.
The download link for DotA 6.77 AI unofficial map is :

Update :
DotA v6.77c AI 1.4c Rev2 Map Download

Hope you enjoy it ! :D

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  1. i get error map is too big...

  2. Try this one :

  3. I'm sorry but, when I try a link above.. it doesn't work properly.... :(.

    1. Sorry, it's already out of date. I have updated it, thanks for telling me :D

  4. - Invalid or Deleted File. Something wrong with the link???

    1. it is unofficial map. download the official map here :
      Dota v6.77 ai 1.4c Official

      Unofficial map download :
      Dota v6.77 ai 1.17