DotA 6.76c Changelog Review

Take a look on this Dota 6.76c ChangeLog :

Stampede cooldown increased from 65 to 120/90/60
* Stampede duration rescaled from 3/4/5 to 3.75
* Stampede damage slightly reworked from 100/150/200 + 2x str to 0 + 1/2/3x str (no base damage)
* Stampede mancost increased from 50 to 80
* Stampede AoE reduced from 120 to 105
* Drow's base armor decreased by 2
* Marksmanship focus AoE increased from 375 to 400
* Last Word manacost from 100 to 115
* Living Armor cooldown and duration decreased from from 20 to 15
* Living Armor manacost decreased 30/35/40/45 to 25
* Fixed an exploit with Enfeeble allowing it to be perma stuck on the enemy in some situations
* Fixed some lag when Centaur initially casts Stampede
* Centaur restricted from Captain's Mode
* Fixed a couple of bugs with -TagTeam mode
* Fixed Force Staff shop hotkey
* Fixed various tooltip
There are still unfixed item price on 6.76c. Take a look on Mask of Madness. It price 900 on beside it's name, and 1000 on below.

Centaur restricted from Captain's Mode, that mean Centaur is still imbalance. I play many time with this new Centaur. Stampede is just too good which removes unit collision and increases movement speed of all allied units on the map and has its damage output provided by running through enemies, temporarily stunning them.]

Drow Ranger
Drow's become more dangerous on 6.76 with the changelog on.6.76b. Look like because of it's ultimate skill(Markmanship) which passively provides bonus agility and if there are no nearby enemy heroes, your focus improves and the bonus agility is doubled, Drow's base armor decreased due to its improvement.

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