Difference Between DotA[Warcraft III] vs DotA 2[Valve Corp]

Hello DotA Gamers ! Do you know what the difference between DotA[Warcraft III] and DotA 2[Valve]?There maybe many people who still don't know the difference. Especially about Dota 2, because there are still many people who haven't been able to enjoy it. Included me XD. There are many reason why i still love DotA than DotA 2. Okay, back to the topic, so what the difference?

  • Graphic
    • Even i don't say this, all of you surely know this difference. Dota 2 in 3D element is more prominent along with stunning skill effects are more detailed when compared to DotA. Of course, DotA 2 made by Ice Frog and Valve Corp which also makes games such as Counter Strike, Left 4 Dead, Half Life, etc. Different with DotA which is just a custom map of Warcraft III. It is limited by the Warcraft III's graph have. 
    • In Dota 2, all model hero has changed. Some of them look more cool(Vengeful Spirit), weird(Shadow Shaman), pretty(Lina Inverse), ugly(Magina), etc XD 
  • System Requirement
    • As you know, DotA requires only a very low system specs. Even Pentium III is still compatible i think( If now mistaken, i used to play on Pentium III before). That's very different with DotA 2. the better the graphics of the game  also needed the better System Requirement. But i think the technology grown fast. Like Apple Inc. that just released iPhone 5(My dreamed phone T.T)
  • Gameplay
    • DotA 2 player can Re-Connect before five minutes after he was cut off from the internet. This idea maybe taken from HoN. I think many people has know that in DotA, if we lose connection, it mean we leave the game. So i think this feature is required thing nowadays.
    • Shortcut key. In DotA, we know that all heroes have different shortcut key. That make us must use Warkey for ease. But in DotA 2, there are two mode that we can use. Firstly, is default shortcut key which is same with  DotA's shortcut have. And the second one is Q-W-E-R, that once again same with HoN. 
    • there is a feature that greatly simplify the player to play on Dota 2, when you play DotA  sometimes happens that you are lost control of your heros, and you had to press the F1 key, or click the hero's photo frame on the top, so it may take time to realize. In Dota 2 you just need to right click on any place, and the control hero (not visual) will immediately return to you.
  • Cool AI Sound System Effect
    • What i mean of sound system in here is not the same with your home theatre XD. In DotA, the hero voice is very limited. It just have 3 models, firstly when the hero was choosen, the second is when you moving your hero, and the third is when you do attack. In DotA 2, many sound effect are added. Here are the example :
      • When you brought an item that compatible with your hero. For example, you brought Aghanim for Lich. She will say "Hmm, Scepter".
      • When you using skill. For example, Puck-Fairie Dragons. Puck will say " i'm here, i'm here" if you teleport using the illusory orb.
      • When some heroes meet. For example, Lina Inverse and Maiden. I don't know what they said. But it is different. Try it, and give me know if you know what they said XD.
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