Best DotA Hero Item Part 3

Wow, This is our third article of DotA Hero Item. Here are the Part 4 Link :

For the Part 3, this article content will be Ghost Scepter and Force Staff. Don't forget to download warkey first. If you doesn't know what is warkey and want to download it, you can read it at warkey for dota.

Ghost Scepter

Enemies can't attack you. You can't attack. 40% extra damage from spells. Ends if you become magic immune. Will have no effect if you're magic immune. Lasts 4 seconds. 30 second cooldown. Buy : 1600

This item is useful if :

  • Your enemy condition : Your Carry enemy hero started to become dangerous.
  • Your Hero condition : You are support type.

Why this item is useful :

Carry hero using their hit to kill. Ghost Scepter can helping you to evade it. So, this item prevent the carry enemy hit.

Force Staff

Push any unit 600 units in the direction it is facing.  Double clicking on Force Staff will make Force be used on yourself, and Does not interrupt target's actions.

Recipes : (6.76c updated)

  • Staff of Wizardy : 1000 Gold
  • Ring of Regeneration : 350 Gold
  • Recipe : 1000 Gold

This item is useful if :

Your Hero condition : You are support type. Carry sometimes buy this too(Strygwir).

NB : It same use for Kellen of Dagger. But this item is harder to use. It is just pushing where you are facing.

Why this item is useful :

  • You can use this item for escaping. Just face the terrain and use it XD.
  • Use it for save your friend. When your friend is running, you can force him with force staff.
  • Use it to ganking. When on shy war(all hero including your team and enemy is off from the fog, but no one opening war), You can start the war with forcing enemy to nearing you. Then kill him fastly with your friend.

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